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Raising Survival Rates for Children with Cancer

In the last 50 years there has been a huge improvement in the rate of survival for children with cancer -- the survival rate is currently at 80 percent. While childhood cancer is highly curable, much of the advancements in treatment is restricted to people living in developed countries. About 80 percent of cases of…
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What is Cancer?

Cancer is a term used for diseases in which abnormal cells divide without control and are able to invade other tissues. Cancer cells can spread to other parts of the body through the blood and lymph systems. Cancer is not just one disease but many diseases. There are more than 100 different types of cancer.…
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The Prime Cause and Cure for Cancer – Health Alerts Acid/Alkaline Balance (pH)

by Mark Sircus Ac., OMD Most of us are going to be surprised to find out that there is an oncologist in Rome Italy, Dr. Tullio Simoncini, destroying cancer tumors with sodium bicarbonate.[i] Sodium bicarbonate is safe, extremely inexpensive and unstoppably effective when it comes to cancer tissues. It’s an irresistible chemical, cyanide to cancer…
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Cancer Key Facts

- Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide, accounting for 7.6 million deaths (around 13% of all deaths) in 2008 (1). - Lung, stomach, liver, colon and breast cancer cause the most cancer deaths each year. - The most frequent types of cancer differ between men and women. - About 30% of cancer deaths…
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