Dedicate an Event to ISCC

What is it?
Create a personal fundraising website to share with friends and family to memorialize or celebrate an occasion.

  • Birthday Celebrations
  • Weddings, Anniversaries

Personalized gift funds are a wonderful way to honor or remember someone special.

  • Memorial Services

How to do it?
Method 1:

Step 1 – Visit:

cancer is not the end of the childhood

Step 2 - Select “Become a Fundraiser”

  • Step 2 - Select “Become a Fundraiser”
  • Memorial funds pay tribute to someone who has passed away

Step 3 - Personalize your fund page

  • Tell your story
  • Upload an image

Step 4 - Spread the word

  • Share your fund link through email and social media.
  • Let others know that you are paying tribute to someone special or an event by raising donations for ISCC.

Method 2:

Step 1 – Log into

Step 2 – Go into the “Fundraisers” tab



Step 3 – Select “Raise Money”


Step 4 – Select “Nonprofit”



Step 5 – Search and select ISCC

Search and select ISCC


Step 6 – Finalize your campaign settings

Finalize your campaign settings