Read for Cancer

Join our Read-a-thon project and Support children with Cancer by Reading for Cancer !

Wouldn’t it feel great to know that your child helped a young suffering child with their kind act? This beautiful project is a way to encourage reading among our children starting at a young age while teaching them about charitable values.

You as a parent, grandparent, family member or friend, can help us instill the spirit of volunteerism and philanthropy in our children by sharing Pari’s story with the children in your life. We hope they'll be inspired by Pari, Shereen, and Tiara to help save a cancer stricken child’s life by giving them access to treatment.

As a token of our appreciation for saving a child's life when you send in your child's collected donations to ISCC we will present a Certificate of Appreciation to them in return.

If you are interested in participating in this project please share Pari's story with your children and inspire them by being their first sponsor.


We are inviting you to help your children participate in the ISCC Read-A-Thon an activity that will encourage your children to read and make a difference in a child’s life. This beautiful project is a way to encourage reading among our children starting at a young age while teaching them about charitable values.

By participating in this program, your children will become more aware of the larger world and more concerned about others, who are less fortunate and have a medical condition.

How can you get started?


Set a reading goal with number of books you think you would like to read.
Register online at:

Ask your family members, friends and neighbors to sponsor you and send them your read for cancer link.

The more sponsors you have the more kids you can help.


The more you read the more you are helping others.

Keep track of how many pages you have read and notify your sponsors so they can go online and make their donations.

As a token of our appreciation, when you reach your goal in collected donations, we will send you a Certificate of Appreciation.

Good luck and let’s get ready to read and save a life one page at a time.

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Leila Sapra

Leila-SapraWe are pleased to introduce Miss Leyla Sapra as ISCC Read-a-Thon/Read for Cancer representative. Leyla was introduced to ISCC by our dear Board Member Mr. Reza Sarebanha. She immediately became very interested and involved. Her first project was distributing Piggy Banks at her school and raising awareness for ISCC. She is now talking on the responsibility for creating awareness and programs within schools for Read-a-thon.
If you are interested in joining forces with Leyla, please contact our office.

Pari Read-a-Thon

PariThomsonIn 2007, I visited the hospital of MAHAK, and I was really struck both by the suffering and the bravery of the children and their families I saw there, and by the great aid that the charity was giving to these people in need. I had heard a lot about the wonderful things they were doing for children stricken by cancer, and I wanted to do something to help. I decided to spend two months doing a read-a-thon to raise money for new equipment for the hospital. I got all of my friends and family to sponsor me, and with their help, I managed to raise a substantial sum that I hoped could really make a difference. I am honored and excited to have inspired other read-a-thons and more fund-raising to help this wonderful charity and the great work that they do.

Because my mother's family lives in overseas, and I have spent much of my life visiting them there, it really means a lot to me to be able to help an International charity and contribute to their community. Since doing my readathon, I have finished school, spent a year travelling around America and Italy, and have just completed my second year of studying English Language and Literature at Brasenose College, Oxford University. When I'm not studying, I enjoy spending time with my friends, going to art galleries, and (of course) reading! I really look forward to hearing of ISCC's future successes and contributing to the wonderful aid that they bring to so many children in need. $4,600 provides one month of treatment for 30 children at MAHAK. Thank you Pari

Michael Haft

Michael-Haft-Read-a-ThonHave you ever read an average Biology textbook’s description of cancer cells? They are cells that “do not respond to the body’s control mechanisms. They divide excessively and invade other tissues. If unchecked, they can kill the organism.” In the world we live today, many have detached views on the disease that embodies such a portrayal. Many are seen as unfortunate souls on hard luck and very few people are recognized for the suffering and trepidation they face as they push onward against all odds. Although there are treatments thanks to the 20th and the 21st century’s revolution in the sciences, multitudes undergo physical and emotional hardship to be rid of the condition that we know as cancer.

Beyond the tolls on a human being exists monetary tolls as well. The National Cancer Institute gathered that the total cost for treating cancer in the United States rose from $95.5 billion in 2000 to $124.6 billion in 2012. Even more troubling is a new study by the American Cancer Society that estimates that about one fourth of cancer patients in the United States put off conducting cancer screenings or treatments because of the exorbitant cost of the medical care. Think about those numbers. That’s a $29.1 billion increase in only 12 years. That’s larger than the GDP of over 70 countries in the world. Also, as of 2008 about 11.9 million people in the US have cancer. Take one fourth of that who cannot meet the expense of care. That would be about 3 million individuals who have cancer, but cannot afford to do a thing about it. Now you have heard me talk about numbers and statistics but I’ve known cancer on a personal level as well. I remember when I was 5 years old when my aunt developed stage 2 breast cancer, and my mom and I visited her at UCSD Medical Center. All I knew was that she was, as my mom put it, “sick” but she was going to get better. My mother stayed a number of times overnight with her and I recall how I would ask my mom to “stay home this time” but she told me she needed to be there for her sister. Only years later I understand the importance of her care and compassion for her sibling.

The International Society for Children with Cancer is an organization dedicated to helping young individuals to pursue their lives despite the disease they face daily. I became a part of the Read for Cancer Initiative sponsored by the ISCC to help families of these children pay for expensive medical bills that come with warding off their ailments, bills that could prevent families from keeping up with their mortgages, purchasing their groceries, and paying their standard bills. Keep in mind that our children are our future. They are the leaders, guides, healers, and teachers of tomorrow. They will produce the innovations of the future. They are our hopes for a more knowledgeable and advanced world. Now let remind you again. In 12 years, the cost for treating cancer rose by $29.1 billion. Let’s close that gap.

–Michael Haft

Michael has raised over $1400 through $1,400 provides one month of treatment for 10 children. Thank you Michael

Carley Haft

Carley-Haft-Read-a-Thon"Cancer has always been impacted some form of my life. As a child, I had to watch my mom suffer through countless surgeries, chemo treatments, and radiation after her diagnosis with stage II breast cancer. Although I did not fully understand the disease or how it could have weakened my mother, I understood her suffering. I could see the pain my mom endured each day as she tried to battle her frightening diagnosis. With the help of talented doctors and her own strength, she was luckily able to recover fully and is able to live life expansively.

My work with ISCC is incredibly valuable to me because I know that the money I raise will go to these cancer patients. These funds will help them pay for treatment or provide quality care in hopes of expediting their recovery. As a student, there are many opportunities to get involved, but unfortunately very little time to do so.

The Read-a-Thon has changed my perspective on this type of work because I am able to help many children by doing something I enjoy every day. I read not only for pleasure or for school, but more importantly because I know that the funds I raise will benefit so many patients. Reading for me has expanded from an individual pursuit to an expansive activity that hopefully will help many children have the funds for treatment, and ultimately their recovery. It is my mission to give these children the same second chance at life that my mom was so fortunate to have."

Carley has been able to raise over $2,200 and create awareness in her High School and among her friends. $2,200 provides one month of treatment for 18 children. Thank you Carley.


Roxana7, was inspired by her sister Tiara and friend Shereen's to raise money for the ISCC so last Summer she contacted family and friends for support. By the end of the Summer she had read 750 pages and raised about $1000. She is very proud of her accomplishment and already talking about doing it again next Summer. $1,464 provides one month of treatment for 10 children. Thank you Samantha.


Samanthanow a 2nd grader at Carden Conejo School, wanted to do something to help sick children while on her summer break. She decided to combine her love of reading with this desire. She sent out pledge sheets to family and friends at the beginning of the summer, asking them to sponsor her in a read-a-thon to benefit the International Society for Children with Cancer. She received many pledges and by the end of the summer, Samantha read 19 books and raised a total of $1,463.96 for ISCC! $1,464 provides one month of treatment for 10 children. Thank you Samantha.

2191Inspired by Pari's idea, Shereen, an 11 year old 5th grader, and her 9 year old friend, Tiara in 3rd grade, who both live in the U.S. decided to also undertake the sponsorship read-a-thon during their summer vacation. By the end of the summer, the girls together read around 6000 pages and collected $2,000 for ISCC to help underprivileged children suffering from cancer. They were both very proud and excited to be able make a difference in their own way. $2,000 provides one month of treatment for 13 children. Thank you Shereen and Tiara.


"Not only is it a great way to involve the entire family and familiarize the young with charity, but it will also show them how to reach across the globe and touch the life of another child." ~ Zoe G.

"As a parent in Tustin Unified School district I am so glad we have implemented the read-a-thon. It is a great program for the summer holidays to keep kids engaged." ~ Marci J.

"Win/win program, my kids will be participating year round. My daughter actually loves reading, keeping track and getting sponsors." ~ Sarah K.