MAHAK’s Vision

MAHAK believes that parents should have no other concern than their children’s recovery and also believes that with the parents present, the children can pass the treatment processes more happily, with more hope and that consequently both children and parents can change their focus from living or not, to the lives they will lead in the future.

MAHAK ensures that every child with cancer and their families receive comprehensive and integrated services across the country and provides them with up-to-date treatment services in accordance with national and International standards. By raising awareness and education, effective diagnosis occurs in the early stages and support is provided from the very first moment a diagnosis is rendered. MAHAK strives to provide the public with the latest cancer-related information, news, necessary resources and recommendations, and by expanding its cooperation with national and international research and treatment centers, MAHAK employs the most effective methods of cancer treatment, consequently decreasing the rate of pediatric cancer.

MAHAK is known as a charity organization that serves as a model for reliability, as well as for the implementation and evaluation of programs for national and international organizations alike. By all standards, MAHAK finds its place as a top-ranked organization among NGOs, not only overall, but also in every field of its numerous activities.