Charity for Children with Cancer

ISCC, the charity for children with cancer, is ready to help you help them to create a happy life for children that have cancer in Iran. The International Society for Children with Cancer is making it easy to donate money or time to support the MAHAK children’s hospital. Contact a staff member today to see how you can help a child in need.

Once you do get in touch with one of ISCC’s staff, you’ll understand why this charity for children with cancer has gained a great following of supporters and donors over the last ten years. They have diligently rallied forces and outstanding members of the community at large to help the non-profit organization gain visibility and also significant funding for the children.

In the last decade, the charity for children with cancer has created some of the most notable fundraising events in the Southland. These include their favorite annual Norooz festival that celebrates the Persian New Year and brings in lots of tax-deductible donations – from small cash gifts to large corporate bequests.


As a charity for children with cancer, ISCC focuses on regular events that are fun for the entire family. Held every year during the beginning of March to symbolize rebirth and renewal, the Norooz celebration includes thousands of supporters gathered to celebrate the Persian New Year and contribute to a great cause. The celebration includes homemade Middle Eastern foods and authentic and meaningful table settings. The children in attendance can participate in arts and crafts and face painting, and there is also entertainment the whole family can enjoy. The New Year celebration is a great way to raise awareness for ISCC in southern California and provides a way for families to return their filled piggy banks from the Piggy Bank (Ghollak) Drive, the proceeds of which go toward supplying medical care for children with cancer.

One of the most significant events held by the International Society for Children with Cancer is the annual gala, which is usually held in the fall in southern California. A fun and relaxing evening, the gala allows visitors to enjoy impressive art and entertainment while supporting a great cause. The annual gala is typically large – in fact, the 2012 gala had around 850 individuals in attendance. The gala features an impressive art gallery, a gourmet meal, and entertainment, which often includes performances by significant Persian pop stars. As a charity for children with cancer, the gala’s raised money goes toward childhood cancer research and treatment. In 2012, the gala raised enough money to help around 250 children who are suffering from childhood cancer.

Ways to Give

As a charity for children with cancer, ISCC offers plenty of ways to help donate to treatment and research. One of the most personal ways to help a child suffering with cancer is to sponsor a specific child through our basic sponsorship program. You can set yourself up to donate $165 a month or $2,000 a year to help with medical supplies, necessities and other items that will help provide treatment and comfort for a child. The donation amount can go toward anything from clothing to blood tests and even critical surgeries that are needed to maintain quality of life. Sponsorship amounts can also go toward important research needed to improve cancer treatment methods.

While you may choose to sponsor a child on your own individually, many groups choose to start a sponsorship together. Through your place of business, religious group, or family, you can pool your resources together to pay for the sponsorship of a child. This allows groups to come together and make a difference in a child’s life while sharing a crucial responsibility. Anyone can begin the child sponsorship progress on our website.

Our Read-A-Thon program gives your child a chance to develop important reading skills while helping to contribute to another child’s medical care needs. Simply sign up online and your child can pledge to read a certain number of pages, and then ask loved ones to go online to donate. When your child is done, he or she will receive a certificate of completion.

You can also include your child in donating to our charity for children with cancer by participating in the Piggy Bank (Ghollak) Drive. You can pick up one of the banks at our office in Irvine or at one of our regular events. Once it’s filled up at your home or at a school or business, you can return it to us. Every penny adds up to help a child in need.

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