Children with Cancer

California’s ISCC is set up to create a new funding source for children with cancer in Iran. Mrs Fereshteh Tvakoli and Mrs. Saideh Ghods, a mother whose child developed cancer, established this non-profit organization nearly a decade ago. It is their mission to help offset the monetary stress that accompanies the tribulations associated with long-term caner treatment.

The ISCC continues to support children with cancer and their families. They know that those immediately around a victim of cancer can be psychologically affected, which can make it difficult to work and earn money to support both the family and their child in need. That’s why they’re there to help everyone.

When the ISCC issues funds to support children with cancer, they brighten lives of thousands of children in Iran in treatment at the famed Mahak medical facility. There, these children receive all of the relevant and necessary treatment and attention. Both specialty medical staff and volunteers there make it their mission to wipe out cancer inn children.

Although the treatment required for children with cancer can vary according to the area and the type of cancer that is being treated, the average monthly cost for one child’s necessary treatment in the countries we strive to help is $150. So far, ISCC has helped children with cancer in the United States, Iran, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Egypt, Turkey, and Lebanon, among others. To help, you can make a donation in your name or in the name of a loved one as a gift. You can also host an event in your area in order to raise funds for ISCC or volunteer by sponsoring a child or take part in our Piggy Bank drive. For the children we help, a little bit of generosity goes a long way. Over time, we hope to reduce the global mortality rate for children with cancer by offering financial aid and support.
Children With Cancer

MAHAK Facilities

The MAHAK facility is designed to offer state-of-the-art and modern technologies for children with cancer to receive care and treatment, as well as receive support for their families. The center has MRI and CT Scan capabilities, in addition to a laboratory that is able to perform tests in the hormonal, hematological, biochemical, and microbiological areas. Additionally, the facility has centers designated for radiotherapy, water therapy, radiology, chemotherapy, and physiotherapy. As part of its commitment to making families feel welcome and cared for, the MAHAK facility has an amphitheater, restaurant, library, and shopping area, in addition to a playroom designed just for the children. This facility is made possible party because of the donations received from the International Society for Children with Cancer. The facility also receives donations from other generous givers and entities, some of which are recognized with a section of the facility named after them.

Ways to Give

At ISCC, we like to offer plenty of ways for adults and children alike to contribute to helping children with cancer. Among our options are a child sponsorship program, the Piggy Bank (Ghollak) drive, and the Read-a-Thon program. We also have regular annual events that rely on the help of amazing volunteers.

Our sponsorship program is an easy, automated way to donate to children in need. You can sign up to be a monthly or a yearly sponsor to cover a child’s medical costs.

The Piggy Bank (Ghollak) Drive is an easy way to raise money for children with cancer through ISCC. You can pick up a designated piggy bank at one of our events or at our office in Irvine, and then place it in your home, business, school, or place of worship. Once it’s full, just drop it back off with us. This is a great way to teach children and other family members that every cent adds up to make a difference.

Your child can also get involved in raising money for children with cancer by signing up online for the Read-A-Thon program. Your child can invite family and other loved ones to go online and pledge to donate a certain amount for each page your child reads. When your child reaches the goal, he or she will get a special certificate. This is a great way to encourage your child’s reading skills while demonstrating how easy it is to help.

Please check our website regularly for new ways to donate and new events coming up. Our events are a good way to engage with the community, have fun, and donate to a great cause while raising awareness for children with cancer and in need of medical care.

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