Child with Cancer

A child with cancer is a serious issue. Not only can cancer cause trauma for the child who develops this serious disease, but also for the families that must endure witnessing the pain and confusion that accompanies it. ISCC helps to alleviate this suffering by raising and providing funds for children who have cancer.

When the ISCC raises significant funding after each and every drive, a child with cancer not only has the opportunity to greatly improve his or her health, but has a lot of hope for the future. Through the ISCC, many children in Iran will “see the light” that they were always meant to live.

Once child with cancer is admitted to the Mahak medical facility that the charity helps to financially support, they have a chance to eradicate cancer from their lives forever! Today, many advanced treatments enable children to regain their health and immunity system so that they never have to look back again.

Advanced treatments at the Mahak facility are made possible by the chemotherapy lab, MRI and CT scan capabilities, and radiology and radiotherapy sections, among others. The center also offers a library, restaurant, and children’s playground as a part of its goal to make children and families feel comfortable. At the Mahak facility supported in part by donations received by ISCC, up to 120 children can be accommodated at any given time. A child with cancer will receive a great advantage from time spent at the Mahak center, and the treatment and support provided goes a long way for disadvantaged children. At the facility, all of the treatment and food is provided. Social workers and psychiatrists are available to families daily, and volunteers make a habit of coming to the center in the afternoon to play with the children.

How Can I Help?

There are several ways to help donated to the International Society for Children with Cancer. The first is through our Piggy Bank (Ghollak) Drive. All you have to do in order to participate in the drive is pick up a piggy bank at any of our annual events, such as the Norooz Bazaar, or at our office in Irvine, California. Once you have the piggy bank, just place it prominently in your home, place of worship, or workplace. The piggy bank drive is a great way to demonstrate to kids and entire families that small amounts of change can add up to making a big difference in the life of a child with cancer. Once the piggy bank is full, simply return it to our office or drop it off at one of our events. The money collected in your bank will be directed toward a child in need.

We also offer a direct way to donate larger amounts through our monthly or annual child sponsorship program. The typical sponsor amounts are $165 a month or $2,000 a year. This direct sponsorship options allows you to provide regular cancer treatment to a child with cancer, or to help fund cancer research in the areas it is needed most.

Another way to help support a child with cancer is through our Read-A-Thon program. To begin, your child needs to go online to sign up and plan to read a set number of book pages. Your friends, neighbors, and family members can then go online and pledge to donate a certain amount for each page that is read. Once the goal is reached, your child will receive a completion certificate to keep for his or her efforts. This is a great way to show your child that he or she can help another child in need, while also building vital reading skills.

Finally, you can help support the International Society of Children with Cancer by attending any of the events that we hold throughout the year. Our annual gala is a favorite among adults all over the United States. The formal event is our most popular fundraiser year after year, and past galas have featured art displays, artists and musical guests, and more. Favorite events among families with children include the annual family festival, which offers food, fun, and games, and the Norooz Bazaar, an event with authentic Middle Eastern food and games that celebrates Persian New Year each spring. Other events throughout the year include brunches, holiday parties, and more.

All of our events are a fun way to raise awareness for childhood cancer while interacting with the community and raising funds to help support a child with cancer who is in need of medical care.

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