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Secondary Cancers in Childhood Cancer Survivors

Although most cases of cancer are diagnosed in older adults, children can and do develop various kinds of cancers, some of which can be readily treated. However, as the number of childhood cancer survivors has increased over time, it has become apparent that a grim consequence of the treatments applied is to increase the survivor's…
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4 Books to Help Your Child Deal with Cancer

Cancer is something even adults sometimes have a hard time fully comprehending, so it's totally understandable for kids to have difficulty dealing with this disease. One way to clear up confusion and help your child with cancer cope is with books designed with this purpose in mind. Here are four worth considering. 1. 'My Cancer…
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Helping Your Child Have a Good School Year During Treatment

Children with cancer often have concerns about either starting a new school year or returning to school after missing several days or weeks because of hospitalization or doctors' appointments. Here are some tips to keep in mind to help your child enjoy a good school year as they undergo treatment for cancer. Plan an Appropriate…
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Childhood Cancer & Sleep Problems

There's research suggesting childhood cancer survivors are more likely to experience sleep problems. This makes sense since sleep disorders in the general population are often linked to emotional and physical health. One study that involved nearly 2,000 childhood cancer survivors showed that some sleep problems continued later into life as young survivors grew older. Daytime…
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