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5 Summer Veggies with Cancer-Fighting Benefits

Many common summer veggies have known or suspected cancer-fighting or prevention properties. Here are five of them to feed to your family: 1. Cabbage Cabbage is loaded with cancer-fighting compounds such as sulforaphane. A compound called diindolylmethane (DIM) may protect children from radiation therapy by protecting healthy tissues in the area being treated. There are…
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How Kids with Cancer May Benefit from Art Therapy

Art therapy allows for a freedom of expression that can be just what the doctor ordered for children living with cancer and undergoing treatment. In one study involving children with leukemia, parents said art therapy made it easier for them to manage bone marrow aspiration and other painful procedures. Now, here's a closer look at…
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4 Ways to Help Children with Cancer Sleep Better

Children with cancer often have difficulty sticking to normal sleep patterns. This sometimes happens because of increased daytime fatigue caused by either the disease itself or their treatments. Medication side effects and schedules sometimes contribute to sleep disturbances as well. Every child with cancer has unique circumstances involved with their care and treatment. Still, there…
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How Children with Cancer May Benefit from Pet Therapy

The physical and emotional effects of cancer can make take a toll on any child of any age living with some form of this disease. With pet therapy, however, kids can be kids as they interact with friendly, cuddly pets. Even if parents aren't in a position to welcome a pet into the family home,…
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