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ISCC Press Release
Dear ISCC Supporters and Friends, At a time when our attention and efforts are more critical than ever for the children who receive our donations, we ...
Press Release
Community Support Through Subaru's Annual Share the Love Campaign
We are very excited and honored to be partnered with Subaru Of Glendale in supporting our local community. The incredibly generous donation was made p...
Community Support Through Subaru’s Annual Share the Love Campaign!

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We are excited to invite you and ask you to save the date for ISCC's 13th annual Gala. Tickets will be on sale in September. If you are interested in reserving your tables, please contact our office. In advance we appreciate your continued support. ...

ISCC Read-a-thon had another successful summer project at Santiago Hills Elementary school. Third grade classes participated in this fundraiser over the summer holidays. We are proud to announce $12,160 has been raised. AMAZING job done… This is sponsorship cost of more than 6 children with cancer for one year.

Third grade teacher Miss Farley said ” When it comes to fundraising, Families, friends, and the community are so willing to donate money to enrich literacy and education in our youth. It is such an easy ask that it is hard for anyone to say no. Our favorite part was that we could encourage a love of reading while raising money for charity.”

We are beyond proud of our youth for making a difference for ISCC children.

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Little Bus Driver

‘Several small colorful chairs are arranged one behind the other. That boy, sitting in the first seat is the driver. A five-year-old driver with plumy eyes and a head with no hair which is a sign of his brave encounter with cancer. The rest are passengers. The driver carefully pays attention on the road. By each bend in the road, he bends himself. A few moments later, one of the passengers try to drive the vehicle instead of current driver. Mr. bus driver asked: “Have you ever gone to a trip by bus?” the negative answer means he can’t drive the bus.
Another child arrives, the one who went to a trip by plane with his grandmother, and wants to drive the bus! No way! The driver didn’t accept it. The plane isn’t as fun as bus since it has no windows to see the road. Also, the plane doesn't stop to buy souvenirs, or eat meals; but the bus does. That's so fun!’
There is no end for children imagination. Even the thickest wall in the world cannot stop this raging river of childhood dreams and this is the hidden gadget of children to pass the challenges of any illness and its treatment.
We believe that with your generosity and the knowledge of experts, MAHAK children will one day get off the cloud of fantasy and in reality, they pass the walls of the hospital and go to their homes, happy and healthy.

We are pleased to share another shipment of urgently needed medications was received by Mahak Hospital Today. Our support translated to saving more than 23000 children’s lives. We appreciate our generous supporters, and donors. ...

Despite many worldwide efforts and measures to have an in-peace and safe earth, the number of people who have to flee are increasing day by day. The ones who had not a real idea of the word "Refugee" and its related challenges even in their most basic human rights such as safety and health. These challenges get more and harder if a child of family suffers from a severe illness such as cancer which means they need specific cares and attention.

In MAHAK, we believe in accessing to treatment and supportive with equality for every child regardless of race and nationality. Hence, during the past 30 years of work, MAHAK has provided treatment and support services for 2572 refugee children throughout the country with collaboration and cooperation of United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

On June 20, which is marked as World Refugee Day, we hope for the day when all children suffering from cancer receive comprehensive, non-discriminative medical and support services as there should be no border for care and love.

Join the Cause: Millions of Kids Need Our Help

MAHAK, since inception in 1991 and as a result of over two decades of service has fulfilled a great part of its mission which is to provide comprehensive support for children with cancer, thus reducing child mortality rates and empowering the families of children who suffer from cancer.

Mahak provides supportive, psycho-social and welfare services to the deprived children and their families. Support services include social work, psychology and welfare services. In addition, the charity is responsible for collection of donations and humanitarian assistance from people, institutions and organizations. Fundraising activities include donation boxes, membership schemes, advertising and special projects as well as Public and International Relations that keep rapport with volunteers, donors at national and international level.

This highly specialized pediatric hospital offers the latest methods and technology in detecting and treating childhood cancer such as Leukemia, Brain tumors, Bone tumors, etc.

Mahak’s team of physicians, highly skilled advanced practice nurses with expertise in all aspects of care for children with cancer, psychologists, and social workers are collaborating coherently for early detection and treatment of this catastrophic disease.

Therefore, efforts over the last 24 years have resulted in remarkable increase in cure rate of patients with pediatric cancer.

They also bring together the best minds in pediatric research to set the most effective standards and find out the latest methods of prevention and treatment.Numbers of nationally well-known physicians have gathered to improve the health and safety of children by conducting joint workshops, projects, conferences at national and international level in the field of pediatric cancer.

Every child deserves a chance at a life filled with happiness and health. When a child is diagnosed with cancer, the disease not only changes the child’s life, but the entire family’s life. Coping with the life-threatening illness along with emotional turmoil is a great challenge. Aside from the physical pain and emotional challenges inflicted by cancer, treating this disease is very expensive, often posing financial hardships on families seeking quality treatment for a child with cancer. At ISCC, a kids’ cancer charity, we believe that no child suffering from cancer should be left untreated. Thus, our purpose is to globally increase access to treatment for underprivileged children with cancer. We are strongly committed to supporting these children and their families during the healing process. Our international cancer society is publicly supported through donations from individuals, charitable foundations and businesses that recognize the urgent need to improve treatment and increase cure rates of childhood cancers. We, a charity for children with cancer, invite you to join us in our mission to deliver hope and support to underprivileged cancer stricken children and their families, and in helping children with cancer around the world.
Although coping with a cancer diagnosis and managing the treatments is painful and difficult, it is important to remember that the majority of child cancer patients survive this devastating disease if diagnosed and treated early. A new study put out by the University of Colorado Denver examines the stages and survival rates of cancer. The results of this study indicate that people living in poor neighborhoods have a greater risk of dying from cancer than people with a higher socioeconomic status. In the poorest 25 countries in the world, an estimated 90% of children diagnosed with cancer die. The disparity in survival rates between rich and poor countries is greater for childhood cancers than for any other cancers. Although there has been remarkable progress in the fight against cancer, the incidence of cancer among children is increasing worldwide, particularly in third world countries where access to information and treatment for cancer control is limited or nonexistent. ISCC’s mission is to support children with cancer and make a difference in the lives of cancer-stricken children, adolescents, and their families by providing access to the highest quality care and service possible, regardless of their financial status. ISCC, a charity for children with cancer, is able to do this by raising funds through various vehicles, then granting these funds to hospitals around the world that specialize in treating childhood cancer, such as MAHAK and CHOC Hospital, and cancer research centers, such as St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, around the world.
We invite you to join us in our the fight against childhood cancer by partnering with us and becoming an ISCC member.

ISCC is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) non-religious, non-governmental, non-political organization