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How to Explain Your Child’s Cancer to Their Classmates

A diagnosis of cancer doesn't just affect a child's immediate family members and neighborhood friends. When they go back to school, it's something their classmates will likely have questions about. While it's entirely up to you to determine how much information you want to share with the school and your child's peers, doing so can…
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Bright-Colored Fruits and an Exotic Spice May Reduce Childhood Leukemia Risks

Accounting for approximately 30 percent of all childhood cancers, leukemia affects bone marrow and blood. While rates steadily declined from 1975 through 2013, it's still a disease that's the most common cancer in children and teens. Plus, it can be difficult to manage and eliminate once it's detected. For this reason, anything that can minimize…
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Treatment Advances for Wilms Tumor

Wilms tumor, also known as nephroblastoma, is a rare form of kidney cancer that mostly affects children. Wilms tumor is the most common type of kidney cancer in children. Though the cancer can affect both kidneys, it typically only grows in one. Advancements in diagnosis and treatment have significantly improved the outlook for children with…
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Healthy Eating Tips for Kids Fighting Cancer

The effects of the many treatments children with cancer often undergo can take a toll on young, developing bodies. For this reason, it's important for kids fighting cancer to make healthy eating a priority. Choosing healthy foods may also ease some of the side effects associated with some cancer treatments. For some kids with cancer,…
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