Many Ways to Give and One Way To Care

When we donate to cancer, we provide high hope and often good health for patients who haven’t seen either in quite some time. Many strides have been made in modern health practices and research in recent decades, however, with the dramatic increase of the world’s population and the many hazards to which it is exposed, cancer rates have actually risen universally. Recently, cancer has claimed more than eight millions lives per year out of nearly 12 million who develop the disease annually. While many have lost their lives to cancer over the decades, the good news is that solutions to test, fight and prevent many forms of cancer are being developed rapidly. To insure their use, it is important for the private sector to give what they can in any way they can.

One of the best ways to donate to cancer is to find a specific cancer research or charity program near you that you can be a part of. Many who support cancer charities, for instance, often donate their time by volunteering for special events or fundraisers. Do you offer a special service, say, as a bookkeeper? Perhaps you can help to tabulate donations at a fundraiser. Do you love to work the crowd? Then, perhaps you can greet guests at an open house that encourages cancer donation. The International Society for Children with Cancer, for instance, holds many fundraisers throughout the year to help support children with cancer and their families survive in trying times. There, volunteers help support the event, enlist guests to attend or often donate directly to help the non-profit organization operate.

The other big way to help, of course, is by donating money. Individuals can donate what they can annually or even on a more frequent periodic basis, depending on their needs. Of course, large companies can make significant tax-deductible cash donations too, however, some firms may alternatively donate equipment, such as computers or even vehicles, which are also tax-deductible. Registered charities, like ISCC, provide children with cancer with a place to live, food, travel to treatment centers, medical care and much, much more. ISCC and other such charities often help those who donate make informed decisions by providing detailed information about both the operational needs of the non-profit organization, as well as itemized program service expenditures on cancer patients.

Ultimately, there are many ways to give to children with cancer, but only one way to care; by giving what we have – however little it may be – in whatever way helps children to leave their pain and suffering behind for good.

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