Donate to Cancer

When it's time to donate to cancer, be sure to contact the International Society for Children with Cancer. This important charity organization has helped to offset crucial cancer treatment and therapy costs for thousands of children and their families in Iran. ISCC accepts direct monetary donations, as well as tax-deductible item donations.

Once you donate to cancer, you’ll feel better about yourself and all of the children whose lives you are affecting directly. By donating just a single dollar a day – either on a monthly or annual basis – you can provide necessary medical tests, treatment and medications that allow children with cancer another chance at life.

However, there are other ways you can donate to cancer. Do you have an old car that gets a lot of use? Own a motorboat that sits in a dry dock? While you may not use these vehicles as much as you’d like, they still have a lot of life left in them to donate directly to ISCC. And they’re tax-deductible too!


Donate to CancerYou can help your child learn how to donate to cancer by encouraging him or her to participate in ISCC’s Read-a-Thon project. After a simple registration online, help your child set up a reading goal and obtain sponsors from friends, family members, and friends or coworkers of parents. By visiting a special link, your child’s sponsors can contribute an amount for each page that your child reads. Your child is able to keep track of the pages read, and once the goal is reached, will receive a special certificate for the work that he or she did in order to contribute to other children with cancer. In addition to helping your child practice important reading skills, the Read-a-Thon also teaches the importance of setting and reaching goals while helping others less fortunate and staying mindful of the needs of others.

Another way to donate to cancer research is to take part in the ISCC Piggy Bank (Ghollak) Drive. You can pick up one of the designated piggy banks at any of our annual or specialty events, as well as at our main office in Irvine. Once you have the piggy bank, we encourage you to place it prominently in your child’s school, your place of business, or your community’s place of worship. The piggy bank will also work well in your home, where you can motivate members of your family to regularly put their spare change into the piggy bank. The concept is great for children, who can learn that even small amounts of change can add up to make a big difference for a child in need. Once you have filled the piggy bank, simply return it to our office or drop it off at one of our events.

Additionally, we offer regular child sponsorship options. You can sponsor a child for just $165 a month or $2,000 a year. We also have regular sponsorship programs for amounts such as $1 a day. Sponsorship is a great way to donate to cancer treatment and research if you have a busy schedule.

Another way to donate is by participating in our regular events. Our most popular and biggest fundraiser event is our annual gala, which takes place each fall. The annual gala is a formal event that has featured singing entertainment and renowned artists in the past. We love that it gives a chance for our supporters from all over the United States to come and enjoy a beautiful, fun evening while raising awareness for our charity and raising funds to donate to cancer. You can see pictures from past annual gala events on our website.

Our other regular events are also great ways to donate to the International Society for Children with Cancer. Our Norooz Bazaar is a Persian New Year celebration that takes place each spring and is great for the entire family. This event features projects and games for all ages and authentic Middle Eastern cuisine. We have also hosted other events, such as a yearly family festival and special holiday parties. Check our website regularly for information about our upcoming events. They are truly a great way to unify with the community for a great cause while having a great time. And since many of our events are family friendly, they remain a great way to introduce your children to the rewarding goal of raising money to donate to cancer medical care and research. The money raised with ISCC goes toward helping children and their families navigate through such a tough time.

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