4 Reasons to Give More This Year

Many people enjoy giving money to charity in order to honor a cause that is close to their hearts, to honor the memory of a loved one, or to promote and facilitate the work performed by the charity. Now is a great time of the year to give more to cancer charity if you planned to donate more this year.

Project Planning

During the early part of the year, many cancer charities and other charitable organizations are planning out their projects for the year. Making your donation at this time allows the charity to take your donation into account and use it as they plan out their projects. No matter what the size of your donation, a cancer charity will be able to put it to use directly helping with the research, prevention, and cure of cancer and to provide direct patient assistance.

Budget Management

Now is also a good time to give to cancer charities because they are putting the finishing details on their annual budgets. Any grants or other funding sources will have already been finalized, and charitable donations are the only unknown part of a cancer charity's budget. Making your donation now allows a charity to work toward completing its budget.

Securing Matching Dollars

Making a donation to a cancer charity now makes it easier for the charity to apply for matching dollars from other organizations. Many federal, state, and local grants require that charities prove they have other funding sources, including charitable contributions. Making your donation early in the year may afford a cancer charity the opportunity to secure one of these grants. Corporate donations often include matching dollars for the contributions from individuals. By giving now, your donation could be doubled or even tripled through a matching dollar donation program.

Maximizing Your Impact

Increasing the amount that you give to charity this year provides you with the opportunity to maximize your impact. If a cancer charity provides a service that is especially meaningful to you, there may be a way for you to dedicate your donation to that specific service. If you are planning to make a large donation, you may even be able to work with the charity to establish a specific program or project for the donation that you make during the year.

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