Story of Leila

This is a story of a young girl named Leila born in a family of 8 in Zahedan, Iran. She has a common story, in her small town it took a long time to be diagnosed with cancer. She remembers the early day’s vividly as she traveled from hospital to hospital, from town to town, until she arrived at MAHAK hospital. There Leila was diagnosed with Sarcoma of left arm and went through a series of surgeries, amputation of her left arm and 2 years of chemotherapy.

Leila remembers those days very well, she tells her story without any grief and sadness. In fact she remembers as a child how happy she was after her amputation; she did not have any more pain. After the operation, she had to go through chemotherapy for 2 years. This period was the most difficult part of her disease; she declared it was even more difficult than losing her arm.

Today she has been cancer free for 8 years and is attending university of Shiraz, majoring in computer science.

All these years it has been Leila who has been a positive force in her family not allowing her parents to become depressed.

One of her statements has stuck in my mind. She said that “this disease was not in my power- but the future is in my power. It is in my hands to build the future and build it in a way that will help to ease the pain of the past. It is in my power to thank god that I have a strong spirit because to have a weak spirit is worse than having a disability.”

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