Story Of Fatemeh

Twelve years old Fatemeh was born in the city of Saveh. In August of 2011 she started having severe headaches and after visiting the local clinics she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She was immediately referred to MAHAK hospital and has been under treatment there since. Fatemeh is a very pleasant and kind young girl and always has a big smile on her face. In a recent follow up visit to the hospital she was asked what her favorite part of the hospital is. She came back a few hours later and presented us a beautiful painting as a demonstration of her empathy and compassion for play rooms in MAHAK which function beyond ethics and language differences.

Play rooms in MAHAK Hospital is a lovely and favorite place for MAHAK children, a place full of joy and vivid memories, built in order to help children remain children, giving them hope and conviction, preventing them from becoming reclusive, and thus assisting them in maximizing their chances for recovery and returning to normal life afterwards.
In these dedicated spaces, psychologists and social workers are ever present in assisting children with music therapy, narrative therapy, and many other psychological services creating critical periods of happiness for them.
Asking Fatemeh why she loves the play rooms she said “I never felt away from home among MAHAK family and the play rooms were a great place to bond further with other children and the therapists”.

ISCC/MAHAK’s goal is to provide full support and assistance for cancer stricken children and their families, reinforcing the conviction in their mind that “cancer is not the end” and that these hard days of treatment and follow ups can soon become a distant memory.

To become a partner in this cause please join us as a monthly member. With as little as $1 or more per day you can make a difference in a child life.

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