Story of Erfan

Erfan was a typical young energetic 13 years old boy who lived in Karaj with his Single mom and three sisters. Efran was initially diagnosed with an ordinary flu, however instead of fading away in time, it became increasingly severe, eventually diagnosed by specialists as ‘Hodgkin’s’ disease.

Soon the tragic news was accepted by Efran and his mom. He was introduced to MAHAK pediatric cancer specialty hospital by one of his family friends who herself was a cancer survivor.

Efran talks about all those hard days with hope and full of energy; the days when his family and friends were shocked and frustrated when they heard the sorrowful news of his illness. He talks about how he was the glue that kept the family together through his determination and will to overcome this dreadful disease.

Massoumeh, Erfan’s mom Said "MAHAK took our worry away, they provided medical attention and also assisted us with housing, so we were able to focus on the most important thing his treatment."

Today at age 17 Erfan has completed his four years treatment and is here to say goodbye to MAHAK because he is leaving Iran and going to India to continue his education. Erfan is a firm believer in “mind over matter “philosophy and would like to convey this conviction to other children in his predicament. He says” MAHAK planted the seeds of hope and courage in me and I would love to empower other children.”

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