Story of Atena

Atena is a very bright young girl with an A+ grade point average. She hopes to one day become a pediatric physician. However for much of her young life she has been battling cancer.

When Atena was one year old, her parents noticed that she wasn’t focusing on her toys. They worried that their baby couldn’t see.

Ezzat , Atena’s mother, took her child to the local clinic in kashan, bracing herself for the news that her baby was blind. “Cancer never crossed my mind,” Ezzat said. But tests revealed that Atena did indeed have cancer, an eye cancer called retinoblastoma. She was immediately referred to Mahak hospital in Tehran.

Ezzat explained, “In kashan they have a cancer center, but financially we were suffering and having to pay for the medical treatment would have been impossible, so when I was told we can go to Tehran and visit Mahak hospital without any cost, it was a dream come true, coming here I have realized that Mahak is not just a pediatric cancer hospital but it is the best in the Middle East.”

Because Atena’s cancer was advanced in both eyes, she went through a very intensive treatment regimen for 4 years that includes 11 courses of chemotherapy. So far, her tumors have responded very well, and the doctors hope that they won’t have to remove her eyes. She returns few times a year for treatment and follow exams.

Ezzat says” Mahak gave my daughter and my family new life, I am so grateful to all the donors who provide financial support and save our children."

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