Story of Amir

Amir is an active, kind, and sociable young boy. He has lived all of his life in a small village outside of Karaj and loves nature and hiking. Just before his 8th birthday he started getting headaches almost every afternoon. His parents thought he may be straining his eyes and purchased eye glasses for him. However the headaches got worse and finally when he was taken to the hospital a scan revealed a large Mass in his brain.
"Hearing the news I felt like the walls were crashing on top of my head." said Amir’s mother. "I was devastated, scared, lost and had no money for treatment."
Amir was quickly transferred to MAHAK hospital in Tehran and the tumor was identified as medulloblastoma and was removed.
Amir’s initial treatment for medulloblastoma lasted six month. Due to severity and location of the tumor he needed more than 18 radiation treatments and four rounds of Chemotherapy.
"I think MAHAK is heaven on earth for parents and children." said Amir’s mom. "They have saved my sons life, without them I would have not been able to get any medical treatment for him. They not only made him comfortable they also took care of all my expenses during his treatment.” Amir is currently finished with his treatments and returns to MAHAK every three months for scans.
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