Press Release

Dear ISCC Supporters and Friends,

ISCC does not and has never had any relations with NIAC, IRI or Sepah Pasadaran (Revolutionary Guards).  ISCC is an independent, non-political, non-religious charitable organization and has upheld that distinction year after year. Our leadership takes its responsibility to remain non-political very seriously.

The violence and aggression used against innocent Iranian protestors seeking their basic civil and human rights, and the ongoing heroism shown by young Iranians convinced us to cancel our annual gala as a show of support and solidarity with the cause. At this juncture, when young Iranian men and women are demanding their rights, It is unfortunate that again some known characters are using this time with their vulgar Tweets and unsubstantiated accusations to destroy the reputation of one of the most respectable charities in the world.

We are still not certain what their agenda is this time, but in the past our attorney and founder were very quick to respond to the lies and answered any questions raised. What’s more our attorney asked these characters (or anyone falsely accusing ISCC) to a live debate on a major media outlet to address the accusations, all we asked was they appear with credible evidence to support their claims.  As expected, they never responded and decided to hide behind their Twitter accounts for almost a year.

While we do not know the motivation for these postings, ISCC’s strong reputation speaks for itself.   Our financials have recently been reviewed and in addition a review for all funds and medications sent to Iran from 2009 to 2020 has been conducted. These reviews where conducted and a review financial statement has been issued for years 2020 and 2021 independent, respectable firm Windes Audit  and tax advisory in United States.

It is truly saddening that a few bad elements can cause potential harm to a charity that for decades has been providing for the neediest children with battling Cancer. Shame on these people I thank you for standing with us.

With respect,

International Society for children with Cancer

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