Iranian Charity

While based in Irvine, California, the International Society for Children with Cancer is essentially an Iranian charity, which acts to raise substantial funding for children with cancer around the globe. Its location in America enables the non-profit organization to raise more money through different sources than those available in Iran.

The Iranian charity has strategically worked with donors in the California area for over a decade. Many who support the children with cancer through ISCC have consistently come back, year after year, to contribute through the many fund raising events that the non-profit organization has thrown. Often, these donors bring friends or even business relations to further support ISCC.

Today, this important Iranian charity has raised enough money to help hundreds upon hundreds of children in need who have been treated at the Mahak Hospital and Rehabilitation Complex for various forms of cancer. The ISCC’s visibility has grown greatly in the greater California since its inception nearly one decade ago.


How Do Donations Work?

There are several ways that donors can give to ISCC. Among the simplest of the Iranian charity’s options is the Piggy Bank (Ghollak) Drive. At any time, interested participants can come to ISCC’s office in Irvine, California to pick up a designated piggy bank. The piggy banks are also given out at several of the charity’s events, such as the Persian New Year celebration, the annual gala, and other family events. ISCC encourages donors to place the piggy banks in their homes or places of work, business, or worship, if appropriate. The placement of the banks encourages regular donations, and even loose change adds up to a significant donation over time. As a bonus, the piggy banks are a great way to get children interested in actively giving and to teach them how every cent counts when a sick child’s medical treatment is on the line.

Another donation option offered by ISCC is the Read-A-Thon program, which offers children a chance to raise money for childhood cancer while having a good time reading books and learning valuable reading skills. To participate, your child only needs to visit the ISCC website to find the signup link. Once your child has signed up, he or she will register the projected goal and begin reading. Friends, family members, parents’ co-workers, and any other individuals who want to participate need only to visit the web page and pledge a donation amount. Once the goal has been reached, all of the money that was raised will be donated to childhood cancer treatment and research. An Iranian charity, the International Society for Children with Cancer contributes much of its donations to Iran’s MAHAK facility, which provides treatment to underprivileged children.

If you would prefer to make more direct donations to ISCC, an Iranian charity, you can consider taking part in the child sponsorship program. Child sponsorship options are available for just $165 a month or $2,000 a year. This option allows you to directly help a child in need of cancer treatment.


Another way to support our Iranian charity is to take part in any of our events that are held throughout the year. Our Norooz Bazaar is a favorite among families. This Persian New Year celebration takes place in the spring and gives families a chance to come and taste authentic Middle Eastern dishes, view traditional Middle Eastern table settings, play games, create art projects like painted eggs, and more. We also have a family festival each year with more food and games.

Our annual gala is our biggest fundraising event of the year. This formal event takes place in the fall. Supporters come from all over the United States to attend, where they view artwork and enjoy entertainers and other guests. Our previous galas have drawn nearly one thousand guests and raised money for hundreds of children and their families to receive medical care for cancer and support.

Other events held throughout the year include brunches, holiday parties, conference appearances, and more. All of our events are made possible by our wonderful volunteers and supporters. We are proud to offer these events to give supporters a chance to learn more about our Iranian charity, engage with other members of the community, and raise awareness for such an important cause. We encourage you to check our website regularly for events that you are interested in so that you can join us. Attending our events, galas, and celebrations is a great way to support a valuable cause while having a wonderful time with family members and friends.

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