Persian New Year

The official Persian New Year, known to Iranians all over the worlds as “Nowrouz,” is a special holy and secular celebration that lasts almost two weeks, in which various festivities help to mark the spring season that symbolizes renewal for all. Dancing, food and entertainment abound during the course of Nowruz. Many often pray and honor the ancient Zoraster, who founded the celebration.

At the ISCC, the Persian New Year also is an important time for its many members and special donors to give as generously as possible to the non-profit organization. When the International Society for Children with Cancer puts on their unique Iranian New Year celebration, many Iranians residing in the California region come to show their direct support.

And the Persian New Year is an exciting, fun-filled event that brings both local Iranians and Americans together. Through the ISCC, all of our Nowruz guests and celebrants can enjoy the party that celebrates life the best by showing their presence. This kind of united effort helps to galvanize donors, enabling them to give the most that they can.


Nowruz, the Persian New Year, began as many as 3,000 years ago. Occurring at the beginning of spring in order to signify rebirth and renewal, the festival focused on opposite ideals from Farvardgan, which took place at the end of the solar year and represented sorrow and mourning. Nowruz, which means “new day,” was officially named in 500 BC and is still celebrated to this day.

Today, the Persian New Year is celebrated in several countries encompassing many ethnicities and political views, including Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, India, Turkey, and Uzbekistan.

The celebration is marked by spring cleaning, purchasing new clothes, visiting with loved ones, and giving gifts. ISCC-Charity participates in Persian New Year with its own annual celebration, giving many of our supporters the chance to celebrate while also fulfilling the charitable spirit that comes along with the Persian New Year.


The Norooz Bazaar is a celebration of the beginning of spring. It draws thousands of people from the southern California area, who enjoy authentic Iranian dishes such as pastries, jams, and pickled vegetables. Activities for children include face painting and specialty entertainers, and people of all ages enjoy the traditional dances. There are tons of goods for sale, many of which are donated by volunteers, local businesses, and sponsors of the International Society for Children with Cancer. Preparation for the event typically begins in January and continues with cooking of the authentic dishes right up until the bazaar begins. The event is such an infusion of culture that many of the people who participate in our annual Persian New Year celebration express that the event makes them feel as if they are home in the Middle East.

Other ways to give

At ISCC, we provide ways to donate outside of our annual Persian New Year celebration. One of these ways is through monthly or annual sponsorship, which provides a regular donation for our mission and the cancer treatment that we seek to provide.

We also feature a Piggy Bank Drive in order to raise funds for childhood cancer treatment. You can pick up one of the piggy banks at our Irvine office or at any of our regular events, including our Persian New Year celebration and our family festival. Simply place the bank in your school, home, place of business, or place of worship and encourage your family, friends, coworkers, and other acquaintances to add spare change to the bank. Once it is full, you can bring it back to our Irvine office or return it an ISCC event. Participating in the Piggy Bank Drive is a great way to show children how every cent can add up to help a child with cancer.

Another way to involve your child in raising funds for cancer treatment is to encourage him to participate in the Read-A-Thon program. Your child simply needs to go online and sign up while making a reading pledge. Then your neighbors and family members can go online and pledge to donate for each page that your child reads. After the program is completed, your child will receive a certificate of completion. The Read-A-Thon program is a great way to show your child how to be charitable while also encouraging the development of important reading skills.

Finally, you can also choose to donate through our regular sponsorship program. This flat rate program allows you to donate monthly or yearly to a child in need in order to cover medical care costs.

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