Helping Kids with Cancer

There’s a lot that goes into to helping kids with cancer today. Both the professional administrative staff and fund raising team that makes the International Society for Children with Cancer charity operate raises awareness, works with the local community and, most importantly, raises vital donations to keep kids healthy and happy around the world.

And the ISCC has made it easier than ever when helping kids with cancer. Now, donors can actually go ahead and become “members” of this outstanding non-profit organization. Through their brand new $1-a-day program, donor members can give money monthly or annually, benefiting kids who have cancer directly and easily.

But if you’re helping kids with cancer through the ISCC, there’s another way to make a really valuable contribution: your time. That’s right; many of those who contribute cash donations to ISCC also donate their time and energy for special events and regular day-to-day activities that help the administrative staff.


How Can I Donate?

One of the easiest ways to donate to ISCC is through our Piggy Bank (Ghollak) Drive. You can place one our piggy banks in several locations, such as schools, places of worship, businesses, or in your own home. Encourage friends, family members, and co-workers to drop loose change into the piggy bank or to make a commitment to donate on a daily or weekly basis. Every dollar counts and will go toward helping kids with cancer around the world. You can pick up a designated piggy bank at any of our events, such as our annual gala or Persian New Year celebration. You can also come to our Irvine office to get a piggy bank at any time. Once you’ve placed the piggy bank, sit back and watch it fill up with donations that will go a long way toward helping kids who otherwise would not be able to receive medical care.

The Read-A-Thon program at ISCC was designed with the intention of having a way that children can directly help other children who have cancer – so your child learns important life skills such as empathy and compassion. At the same time, it offers a fun way to get your child interested in reading. All your child has to do is sign up online and set up a goal of pages read for themselves, then ask friends, family members, neighbors, and other individuals to sponsor them toward the goal. The more pages your child reads, the more money is donated and goes toward helping kids with cancer to receive treatment and support. After your child has reached his or her goal, he or she will receive a certificate of completion to treasure.

At ISCC, we also offer regular child sponsorship as a method of helping kids with cancer. Due to the expense of childhood cancer treatment, we seek to provide regular donations through sponsorship amounts of $165 a month or $2,000 a year. We have also done special sponsorships initiatives of $1 a day in the past, so there is always a chance to give.

Are there other ways I can get involved?

Beyond simply donating to the International Society for Children with Cancer, we encourage all of our supporters to join us at our regular events. Our annual events include our family festival, our Norooz Bazaar (a spring celebration of Persian New Year), and more.

Our biggest fundraiser is our annual gala, which takes place each fall. This formal event is widely loved and anticipated by our supporters. It draws in supporters from all over the United States who want to attend. Our gala in 2012 was held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Irvine and had more than 850 guests in attendance. This event alone helped to raise funds for more than 250 children and their families, all of which went toward important medical care and family support. You can expect the annual gala to include VIP art displays and artists that make appearances at the event. Past appearances have included Master Persian Calligrapher Mr. Ali Bozorgmehr and Mr. Parviz Kalantari. Guests are also treated to musical performances.

You can visit our webpage on the annual gala in order to see pictures from events that took place in previous years. It’s a truly wonderful event and is great for raising awareness for childhood cancer and for our charity. We are happy to provide a chance for our supporters to have a wonderful evening while also helping kids with cancer to get the treatment and support for their families that is so very needed.

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Helping kids with cancer
Helping kids with cancer
Helping kids with cancerhelping-kids-with-cancer