Mr. Shapour Javadizadeh

Mr. Shahpour Javadizadeh was born in Tehran, Iran. He is a graduate of Alborz College in Tehran, Iran. In 1968 he earned his B.S. degree in finance from California State University Northridge, CA.

1969-1972 Chief Accountant for Singer-Librascope , Glendale, CA

1972-1980 First Vice President, investment /Money management, Bateman Eichler Hill Richards, Pasadena, CA

1980-2000 President/ Partner Riordan Johnston and Javadizadeh , A boutique investment/ Money management firm, Pasadena , CA

2000-Present President RRJ Pasadena Securities Broker-Dealer Investment Money Manager. Pasadena, CA

Mr. Javadizadeh is married with two children, resides in Chatsworth, CA.

His passion is helping the less fortunate.

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