Dr. Shahryar A. Ashouri MD

Shahryar A. Ashouri, MD is Assistant Professor of Medicine at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. He is currently UCLA Health’s Northwest Medical Campus Medical Director of Hematology/Oncology. Dr. Ashouri’s primary objective has always been service to his patients and community. Through his academic ties, Dr. Ashouri has brought targeted, state of the art management, including clinical trials, to his cancer patients. His goal is to create a comprehensive treatment strategy for each of his patients, which not only assists them in fighting their disease, but, also maintaining their high quality of life.

Dr. Ashouri is a board-certified, fellowship-trained hematologist and medical oncologist. Dr. Ashouri earned his medical degree at the Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California. He completed an internship and residency in internal medicine at the University of Southern California and Los Angeles County Medical Center. Dr. Ashouri received his fellowship training in hematology and medical oncology at Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center, at the University of Southern California. After training, he joined the faculty at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA as Assistant Professor of Medicine, under the division of hematology and medical oncology.

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