Children Cancer Foundation

If you’re looking for a charitable children cancer foundation in order to donate to, then it is important that you contact the International Society for Children with Cancer. ISCC has raised substantial donations since it began in 2004, nearly a decade ago. This vital non-profit organization has helped to improve and save thousands of innocent young lives through its efforts.

The notable children cancer foundation continues to rally local forces in Southern California by holding full-house fundraisers that feature local singers, television hosts, live entertainment and special auctions that both engage the guest audience and raise crucial money for kids. ISCC uses these events and other methods to help kids in need.

As a children cancer foundation, the ISCC focuses on raising funds just for kids. For many donors, this special distinction is important because it means those children’s lives – and their potential long life ahead – can be saved before it’s too late. In many cases, these children are offered a second chance at happiness and a second chance to live.

Common Childhood Cancers

Cancer is one of the main causes of death for children around the world, especially children in countries without access to quality health care. Some of the most common types of cancer that affect children include leukemia, neuroblastoma, brain cancer, and bone cancer. In fact, leukemia, cancer of the bone marrow and blood, accounts for around 31% of cancers found in children. Neuroblastoma, which affects the nervous system and is typically developed in utero, accounts for 6% of child cancer cases. As a children cancer foundation, ISCC is doing its part to contribute to research and studies that may be able to help children recover from these and other types of cancer, as well as prevent instances of all types of cancer from developing in children around the world.

MAHAK Facility

The MAHAK facility in Iran is a charity-based hospital that caters specifically to the needs of children suffering with cancer. It all started as part of an initiative led by Saideh Ghods, who struggled with the battle of a child suffering from cancer and wanted to make a better experience for other families going through the same thing.


The facility opened in 2003 and contains 120 rooms for children undergoing treatment. It also contains treatment rooms, operating areas, an ICU, a restaurant, playrooms, and shopping center, as part of its commitment to helping families deal with the hardships brought on by having a child undergoing cancer treatment. MAHAK possesses some of the highest rated recovery and treatments and exceeds a high standard that places it on course with other childhood cancer treatment facilities throughout the world. The hospital is run solely on charitable donations, whether they are provided directly to the facility, through the MAHAK foundation, or through those from child cancer foundation ISCC and other organizations. Many of the hospital’s donors have their names within the hospital, and the highest donors have wards or sections of the hospital named after them.

How can I help?

There are several ways that you can donate to the International Society for Children with Cancer and help children in need of medical care. One of the ways you can help is through our sponsorship program, which is a flat monthly or yearly amount that you can contribute to cover a child in need and his or her family.

We also offer piggy banks at our Irvine office or at our regular events that you can take home or to a school, business, or place of worship. Once filled, we accept the piggy banks back at our office or at events. The Piggy Bank (Ghollak) Drive is a great way to demonstrate how every penny adds up to go a long way in caring for those less fortunate, and is an easy way to get kids involved in donating.

Another way to involve your children is to encourage them to participate in our Read-A-Thon program. Your child can sign up online and pledge to read a certain number of pages. Family members, neighbors and other loved ones can go online and donate for each page that is read. Once the Read-A-Thon goal is reached, your child will receive a certificate of completion. This is a great way to encourage donating while also building reading skills.

Our children cancer foundation also receives some support in the form of our events. Our annual gala, Norooz Bazaar celebration, and other events are all great fundraisers for us and can be a fun night out or a great day with the whole family.

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