The Background and Mission of Mahak

The Mahak cancer facility in Iran works to fight childhood cancer. It was established in the 1990s after an Iranian mother struggled through the battle of cancer with her daughter. It is an international facility that is funded solely by donations and through the goodwill of others. The foundation originally began by simply working out of local hospitals to support children suffering from cancer. In 2007, a state-of-the-art hospital center was opened in conjunction with the charity organization, allowing children to heal in a happy and comfortable environment.

Childhood cancers are devastating and detrimental to the health and happiness of children around the world. When the Mahak foundation began, it was unique because it focused on supporting children all over the world, unlike many other worthy charities that focus on specific areas of countries. While the Mahak hospital is located in Iran, the organization is dedicated to helping globally with the problems facing children with cancer. Additionally, the organization works to help parents better understand and cope with a cancer diagnosis.

Mahak’s vision and concentration is on the ability to help children successfully heal after a cancer diagnosis. The organization works with children, volunteers and families to provide a safe and caring environment for children while they are receiving treatment in the hospital. The volunteers are dedicated to helping the recovery process go more smoothly and to help prepare parents for all situations. Due to the caring nature exhibited by the foundation and their willingness to help all families, no families are ever denied care based on financial status. Mahak allows parents to worry about caring for their child and nothing else.

Mahak provides several different ways for volunteers and donors to support the foundation. Volunteers can help locally at the hospital itself – in fact, the staff of the center relies on volunteers. Worldwide, individuals and groups can donate through sponsorships, fundraising events, and related charities to provide funds for the hospital to continue to operate.

While cancer is devastating for any family, the Mahak facility steps in to provide treatment, financial assistance, and emotional support for the affected child and his or her family. When families choose to work with the Mahak foundation, they find that they can focus better on their child with some of the other burdens lifted.

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