ISCC-Charity Dollar a Day Campaign: Every Dollar Counts

Through the months of October and November, the International Society for Children with Cancer has been encouraging potential donors to pledge $1 a day to help children with cancer receive necessary treatment. While $1 per day might not seem like a significant amount, every dollar truly helps when fighting cancer and providing medical care to children in need. The donations also go toward supporting the families dealing with the obstacles that come with obtaining medical care.

To date, ISCC-Charity has helped 17 non-governmental organizations working with children who have cancer. The charity is a sister organization of MAHAK, an Iranian charity that also consists of a hospital and rehabilitation complex. Through its two centers and several fundraising booths and offices, MAHAK has provided treatment and care to nearly 18,000 cancer-stricken children and their families. The organization functions with just 500 employees and thousands of giving volunteers, and has helped to increase the cancer survival rate in children from just over 20 percent to more than 80 percent.

Where Does the Money Go?

The cost of treating one child for cancer each year is approximately $2,000. This total consists of several factors, such as medication that typically costs $15 a month. Scans can cost about $200, while radiation treatments can cost three times as much per visit. MAHAK, with its slogan of “Help us and let us help you.” relies on using the latest technology to provide the most effective care in a loving environment. No family is ever charged for medical care and treatment, or for transportation, meals, or housing.

How Do I Donate?

After choosing to give to ISCC-Charity, and in turn the MAHAK organization, you can pledge to give $1 per day or become a monthly sponsor to give each month. Donating to ISCC-Charity is a meaningful way to fulfill personal philanthropy or teach your entire family about giving. The organization also appreciates and encourages donations and sponsorships made in honor or memory of a loved one.

Secure donations can be made online, and the website also features a printable donation form. Donors can also mail monetary gifts to the charity’s Irvine office or donate by phone. All of the necessary information can be found online at

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