Charity for Kids with Cancer

At ISCC, the non-profit charity for kids with cancer, our staff is here to support all of the needs of the many children whose lives have been altered by this unfortunate disease. At our sister MAHAK charity center in Iran, we facilitate those needs with funds generated in the U.S. by the International Society for Children with Cancer.

As a charity for kids with cancer, we are the direct link that helps fuel the important research and life-saving medical treatment designed to beat cancer. But charities can’t do it alone. We need your support, whether it is a dollar-a-day or much more. Our success stories will help you make the stride towards donating today!

Today, the ISCC is perhaps one of the most successful charity for kids with cancer in the greater southwest U.S. With their unflappable top staff and countless volunteers, a wellspring of support from donors both locally and multi-regionally have put their money where it counts the most: to help kids beat cancer!

How Can I Help?

There are several ways to help support ISCC and raise money for children with cancer. We offer a Piggy Bank (Ghollak) Drive for anyone interested in seeing just how far every penny can go toward helping sick children. You can pick up a piggy bank from ISCC’s Irvine office or take one home from one of our many regular fundraising and volunteer events.

Once you have the piggy bank, simply place it in your home, place of worship, school, or workplace and encourage others to drop their loose change in the bank. Involving children in the piggy bank process is a great way to get them on board with understanding how giving to charity works and how important it is to donate on a regular basis. Exploring the inspiring stories of children who have suffered from cancer is also a good way to encourage filling the piggy bank.

Our child sponsorship program is available for $165 a month and $2,000 a year. This provides you with a more direct way to provide treatment to a child in need through regular donations, which can be especially beneficial if you are short on time. You can set up a personal, individual sponsorship or do a group sponsorship with your family, religious group, or place of business with our charity for kids with cancer.

ISCC also offers a Read-a-Thon program for kids, which is a great way to encourage your child to donate while also building important reading skills. To get started, your child simply needs to visit our website for a link to the signup page. Once there, she can select the number of pages that she plans to read and invite friends, family members, and neighbors to visit the website and pledge a certain amount of giving for each page that is read. Once the goal is met, your child will receive a certification of completion to hold on to. As a charity for kids with cancer, ISCC realizes the significance of offering opportunities that suit members of the entire family, regardless of age, and ways to give that provide additional benefit like the improvement of reading skills.

Another way to support ISCC is through attending one of our several events or fundraisers. Our annual gala is our biggest fundraiser of the year and is held each fall, drawing in attendees from all over the country. A formal event, the annual gala features artists and entertainment. We also have a Norooz Bazaar celebration for Persian New Year each spring. This family event has activities and fun for all ages, and features food and celebrations that are native to Middle Eastern culture.

No child should ever be left without care, and no parent should ever be stuck wondering how to afford the cancer treatment that is necessary for survival and comfort. At the International Society for Children with Cancer, our goal is to make sure that anyone who wants to give of their time and resources is able to do so. From our events, which are successful because of our tireless volunteers, to our donation options, which include ways to involve children, business associates, and more, we provide a way to help that is suitable for everyone. Anything that you can give to help our mission -- even if it is a small amount financially or a small slice of your time volunteering for our fundraisers -- it is truly appreciated and effective. Together, we can all make a difference for children suffering from cancer.

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