A Day in The Park: A Child’s Retreat from Cancer

Thanks to ISCC, a non-profit fundraising kids cancer charity, many stories of hope have emerged from hospitals in Iran, where a number of treatments are paid for by the organization. Great contributions made through important supporters of ISCC in California – over 7000 miles away – have created a level of freedom and relief for children with cancer, as well as their families. While there are some tragic child cancer cases every year, there are increasingly more success stories that feature children who resume a life of wonder and vitality.

One such kids cancer charity success is Ali. Ali grew up like any other child with his single mother, Maryam, and an uncle, Rasheed, in Tehran. While his uncle and mother worked full-time at a local produce market, Ali went to school and enjoyed the company of his classmates. After a series of painful soccer games with friends, however, it was determined that Ali developed what seemed to be a cancerous growth on his ankle. But Ali and his family couldn’t afford the treatment, so they appealed to MAHAK charity to help. Thankfully, his medical expenses were paid for by the charity and, after the initial removal of the cancerous growth, he was treated with additional therapy. But this process required lots of time and energy and took Ali away from school and friends.

After Ali returned to school, he couldn’t wait to play soccer again, but it would take months for his strength to return. Many students were made aware of his treatment for cancer, however, so they provided him support. But it was tough for him to walk, let alone play soccer. “He came home crushed when he realized that he couldn’t play soccer,” explained Maryam. “But I knew it was a matter of time.” Indeed, a few months passed and Ali was hopeful, though he still used a crutch to walk. His mother thought that spending a day in the park – away from school and the reminder that Ali couldn’t play soccer – would be helpful. So a few weeks later, they went to Laleh Park on the weekend. It was amazing! Ali couldn’t believe the beautiful manicured trees and bubbling water fountains. He was so excited by the serene and natural surroundings that he began to skip through the park. Maryam couldn’t believe it. This was the first time he had been able to walk fast since the cancer diagnosis. “Ali couldn’t believe it either. He stopped in his tracks and looked around. He realized that no one treated him differently. I saw the most wonderful boy in the world.”

Maryam thanks the charities that made it all happen. “If it hadn’t been for the cancer charity, we may not have been able to pay for the treatment. There would be no recovery and no walk in the park. Instead, I was able to see him smile and play!”

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