The Mahak Facility in Iran

Dedicated to helping children and their families cope with the diagnosis of childhood cancer, the Mahak facility in Iran provides a healing environment, specialized medical equipment, and ongoing support for its visitors. The facility was created solely on the basis of donations from compassionate individuals. In fact, several parts of the facility are named after a person or organization that has helped to make the facility a reality.


The Mahak facility began to take shape in the year 2000. By 2003, the rehabilitation areas of the facility were completed and ready to begin accepting patients. Additions were added to the original plan, which made the facilities around two times the original size. The entire size of the hospital is about 86,000 square feet.

In February of 2007, the Ministry of Health in Iran granted the final permits that were required for Mahak to begin operating. These permits allowed the hospital to begin functioning in a way that allowed the children to begin healing. The official opening ceremony of the hospital was held in April 2007, and it became a fully functional facility that is dedicated to childhood cancer. The facility has continued to grow and thrive throughout that time as a result of charitable donations from individuals and corporations.


Children who are suffering from childhood cancer can visit the clinic and get everything that they need to support their diagnosis, from radiology to emotional therapy. The facilities also have a chemotherapy lab, radiology lab, a clinic, operating rooms, MRI rooms, and CT scan room. Additionally, water therapy and physiotherapy play a big role in the way that patients are treated, and patients can also visit the children’s playroom for down time between their therapies, surgeries, or procedures.

The radiology and chemotherapy centers are in constant use on a daily basis, and children from all stages of cancer visit the facilities for these treatments. The labs that are present in the hospital routinely carry out diagnosis results and allow patients the opportunity to have all necessary laboratory work done within the same facility as their treatments. The hospital is staffed by a variety of doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals who are trained specifically to help children get better physically while also providing them with the emotional support that is necessary to keep them from becoming discouraged during their cancer battle.

Parents and patients alike have very little need to ever leave the facilities. The hospital, like many others that help children heal from childhood cancers, features everything that families may need when taking care of their sick children. There are restaurants, an amphitheater, and a shopping center, which are all located conveniently in the same building areas where the children are being treated.

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