Story of Pari

This is the story of Pari an energetic little girl full of life. It is hard to imagine that she has been battling cancer for the past three years.

In January 2010, Pari woke up with severe abdominal pain, screaming and holding her side. Her Mom thought she had appendicitis and rushed her to the emergency room at Ali-Asghar hospital. The Doctors there initially thought it was appendicitis too, however shortly after a CT scan revealed several tumors on both her kidneys.

Pari was quickly sent to MAHAK Hospital, where her treatment included chemotherapy, surgery to remove the tumors and radiation. Throughout Pari’s fight with cancer, doctors and nurses worked very hard to keep her comfortable, happy and her spirit high.

Her mom Ashraf, remembers those days vividly, saying “Overnight our world was turned upside down, Every time they tried to talk to me I would start crying, eventually they brought in a social worker to help me emotionally.”

Ashraf is a single parent that works in a day care. She says “MAHAK and its generous donors have truly saved my daughter’s life and for that I am forever grateful. Everyone at MAHAK is so loving, positive, kind and compassionate. If there is a heaven on earth it is at MAHAK.”

Pari is now done with her treatment and visits MAHAK for regular checkups. She recently celebrated her 8th birthday with her friends at MAHAK and will be starting second grade it the fall.

To help give hope and make a difference in the lives of children like Pari, please become a partner with ISCC and join us as a monthly member.

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