Story of Sheila

Sheila has gorgeous hazel eyes; you can imagine she probably had beautiful hair and eyebrows too. However chemotherapy has left no trace of hair on her today. Sheila was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma 7 months ago. She has been a patient at MAHAK hospital since her diagnosis and has made the hospital her temporary home. In the past few months she has suffered a lot of pain and missed her home 300 miles away as well as her loving dad and siblings. However, looking at her and talking with her, the only thing you see is a content child playfully drawing a picture of butterflies in a field of flowers.

Sheila’s mom Maryam is a school teacher who has come to Tehran with Sheila for her treatment. When she arrived at MAHAK hospital 7months ago, she was frightened and worried about losing her daughter. The hospital staff, nurses and doctors have given her renewed hope, allowing her to imagine a healthy, bright future for Sheila.

Maryam is grateful and appreciates the generosity of MAHAK hospital and its supporters. She has not had to pay anything for her daughter’s treatments, in addition housing has been provided for her by MAHAK. She is thankful to all the supporters of MAHAK who make it possible for her daughter to receive such superb treatment free of charge.

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