Story of Massoumeh

This is a story of a young girl named Massoumeh born in Karaj, Iran. Shortly after her fifth birthday, Massoumeh began having headaches and nausea. At first her parents thought she had migraines. Within a few months, her headaches grew more frequent and her mom was forced to take her to the local clinic in Karaj. At the clinic they noticed unusual swelling in the eyes and ordered a CT scan. The results were traumatic: there was a mass called medulloblastoma on Massoumeh brain. The news devastated the family beyond comprehension. The doctors in Karaj referred Massoumeh to MAHAK hospital immediately for treatment.

There Massoumeh underwent 12 rounds of radiation treatment, followed by four rounds of chemotherapy to help shrink the tumor. Physical therapy and speech therapy were also a part of her ongoing treatment.

Massoumeh’s mom is grateful for everything MAHAK has provided for her family. "I heard MAHAK covered treatment-related costs," she said. "But I just had no idea they would cover our housing, transportation and meals when we’re here. Everything is taken care of for us; I have 4 other children in Karaj and could not possibly afford to stay in Tehran for the duration of my daughter’s treatment. MAHAK has taken a huge weight off my shoulders."

Massoumeh father describes Mahak by saying "We're so grateful to God for sending us here. This is a place of angels. The people here are wonderful, so full of compassion for the kids."

Today 2 years post treatment Massoumeh is a healthy young girl and when she grows up, she is determined to become a nurse.

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