Story of Asma

This is the story of an 8 years old young girl named Asma who is from Kermanshah. Asma loved being her mother's little helper, whether it was assisting in the kitchen or trying to tell her little brother what to do. But in April 2010, Asma became pale and listless. The young girl who typically was full of energy tired easily and had no energy.

Asma's doctor thought she had an ear infection. But two months later, Asma’s mom, Gohar noticed a lump near her shoulder. Asma was rushed to the emergency room. She spent five days in the local hospital while doctors searched for an answer.

Asma's family was soon referred to MAHAK, where doctors determined that Asma suffered from neuroblastoma, a tumor that develops in the nervous system.

"I have no doubt the without MAHAK my little would not be here today." says Gohar. "Asma's doctors and nurses went above and beyond."

Asma’s 2 years of treatment included chemotherapy, surgery to remove the tumor and radiation therapy. Throughout her treatment, Asma always had a smile on her face.

Asma's family is grateful for MAHAK's donors. "There’s just not enough you can say to someone who gives without ever seeing MAHAK," said her mom. "Their generosity is overwhelming; they took all our worries away."

Today, Asma is home and doing well, she is now 12 year old and loves to become a pediatric doctor. Asma continues to returns to MAHAK for regular checkups.

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