Helping Children with Cancer

There are some excellent ways of helping children with cancer today. Of course, the best way is by giving to charitable donations to local child cancer fundraising organizations, like ISCC. But there are other ways to help too, such as volunteering time and energy to children’s hospitals and by working with charities that provide other support.

At the ISCC, helping children with cancer has just been made easier than ever before. The non-profit organization allows donors to become members on their $1-a-day program. Donors can contribute monthly, at $30 per day or annually at $360 per day. This consistent and steady flow of support means that children with this disease in Iran can live fully and receive quality medical care.

Another great way of helping children with cancer is by donating your time . Time is essential to the children with cancer who need a chance to beat the disease that that have stricken their lives. With your time as a volunteer, you can help ISCC raise money to help those children to beat the dreaded disease.

Helping children with cancer is also made easier with the ISCC child sponsorship program. For just $165 a month, or $2,000 a year, you can have the privilege of sponsoring one specific child on the road to recovery. Sponsorship helps teach a great lesson about helping others and philanthropic effort for families or classrooms, but adults can also participate with businesses or as individuals. The child sponsorship goes toward the expensive cancer treatment that children in underprivileged areas have little to no chance of receiving on their own. Inadequate treatment means that a child might be diagnosed too late or unable to receive the care they need to recover. In fact, cancer is the most common cause of death in children after accidents around the world, and over half of children diagnosed will die as a result of a lack of access to care and treatment.

The International Society for Children with Cancer is proud to offer a Read-a-Thon program designed to help kids get on board with helping children with cancer. To participate, your child simply needs to visit the ISCC website for a link to the Read-a-Thon sign up page. Once your child registers, he or she will set a goal for the amount of pages to be read. Next, your child’s friends and family members can visit the page to make pledges and donate to the cause. Our hope is that you involve your friends or co-workers as well. Your child will track his or her progress on the website and receive a certificate upon completion. The Read-a-Thon program benefits your child by providing practice with goal setting and reading skills while also demonstrating tangible ways to help sick children in need.

helping children with cancer

ISCC’s Piggy Bank Drive is another way to help kids contribute to helping children with cancer. Simply pick up a piggy bank at the ISCC office in Irvine, or at any one of our annual events, and take it home or to your place of business or worship. All of the extra change that is collected will go toward our mission, and your and your entire family have the opportunity to see how every cent adds up to a good cause.

Another way to donate to the International Society of Children with Cancer is to participate in our regular events. Not only do these events raise funds for our charity and go toward helping children with cancer, but they are also a great way to raise awareness for our charity and childhood cancer cause. As a bonus, you can have fun participating, involving your family in fun activities, and meeting other charitable individuals in the community. One of our regular events is our Norooz Bazaar, which is a celebration of the Persian New Year that takes place each spring. This event is for the whole family and has entertainment and projects and games for the kids, along with authentic and delicious Middle Eastern dishes.

Another one of our events is our annual gala, which takes place each fall. This black tie event is our biggest fundraiser and features entertainment and artists. Other past events have included holiday celebrations, open houses, family festivals, and more. You can view upcoming events on our website. We would love for you to have fun visiting one of our events while taking the time to learn more about our charity and how we can all help provide medical treatment -- all with the goal of helping children with cancer.

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Helping children with cancer
Helping children with cancer
Helping children with cancerHelping children with cancer