Helping Children With Cancer is Up To You!

While the success of the International Society for Children with Cancer has grown dramatically in the last 4 years, it is seeking new sponsors to help donate to cancer from different additional sources. The charity non-profit, set up over eight years ago, has raised a great deal of funding since it was created by Mrs. Fereshteh Tavakoli and Mrs. Saideh Ghods.

Many big businesses have been helping children with cancer for decades since the publicity surrounding the tragic disease made headlines in 1950s. ISCC, as an international cancer society, has been helping to reduce the overall number of children with cancer and cure kids with cancer with its fundraising efforts. But, it is now focusing its attention on individual donors. Key members of this Mahak Charity organization know that a child with cancer is always in need. “And that’s why we’re looking to work with individuals who donate smaller amounts on a regular basis,” says a key member of the administration. The ISCC has always created special fundraising events throughout the year that historically have brought in thousands of dollars to support children with cancer, as well as the facility, employees and volunteers.

Cancer in the U.S. and internationally has been one of the most common diseases for children. However, child cancer mortality has dropped somewhat since the 1970s – thanks to charities and advanced medical research teams around the world. While bequest programs and crucial grants for children with cancer have created a foundation for the organization to operate, the important margin lies within the community and individuals. “There is a very tangible, emotional connection that most people of all walks of life have with children. When a child contracts cancer and, in some cases approaches the end of their life because of it, people are compelled to help in any way they can,” explains a key member of the ISCC administration. Part of the organization’s outreach program has been focused on large discreet donations, but now ISCC has made it easy to donate online through their site www. “People can even use PayPal to make small regular recurrent payments to the ISCC.” The organization understands that in lean economic times, such as those in the last half dozen years, individual donors have to watch their income and spending – especially during the holidays and tax time. “We know that donors have other needs, but we also know that this is an important cause that grass root efforts of individuals can change – for the better!”

After the wild success of the ISCC Annual Gala fundraiser on November 3rd at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Irvine, California, membership has grown significantly. “In addition to gaining new support at the gala event, just a few weeks later, our donorship has increased quite a bit.” The emotional tenor of the room was palpable at the gala. Many were in tears of joy and support that flooded the event guests. Many individuals can sponsor a child with cancer for nearly five dollars per day. For those with less to spend, the ISCC has been discussing a payment plan to help donors watch their money while still contributing to a worthy cancer cause.

“What we do is to help everyone involved: from the children who have been stricken with this disease to the parents who devote their lives to supporting their children and the rest of their family who is strongly effected, too.”

Now it’s time for you to help the ISCC. To find out more about this growing cancer non-profit organization and the help you can contribute to, call the ISCC headquarters in Irvine, CA directly at 949-679-9911 or by E-mail:

By Stephen W.

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