Children of Iran

The non-profit organization, the International Society for Children with Cancer, has been raising both vital funding and great awareness for the children of Iran who have cancer. This special team of dedicated administrators and community outreach fundraisers has helped to affect thousands of Iranian children in just a few years.

The ISCC has helped to beat cancer by providing funds that support the many children of Iran who have this disease at the MAHAK medical center. The center is strictly devoted to treating children who have cancer, as well as conducting extensive research in hopes of finally finding a cure.

There, the children of Iran with cancer are treated for their existing disease type, as well as prepared to prevent some kinds of cancer that they may be more prone to than others over the course of their life. This helps to insure good health for these very special children.


Donation Options

One of the simplest ways that you can donate to ISCC and help children in Iran is by taking part in the Piggy Bank (Ghollak) Drive. You can participate at any time of year by simply picking up a piggy bank from ISCC’s Irvine office. The charity also gives out piggy banks (and accepts the filled banks) at charitable events and fundraisers throughout the year. Donors are encouraged to place the piggy banks at any acceptable spot where they will be contributed to regularly, whether that place is a home, school, business, or place of worship. Anyone who contributes to the piggy bank will have a chance to see how every amount donated is considered valuable and adds up to a considerable amount that will go towards providing medical care for children with cancer. Young kids especially enjoy participating in the piggy bank drive with their own loose change.

The Read-A-Thon program with the International Society for Children with Cancer is designed to directly help children all over the world. It’s a simple program that helps children directly experience the act of contributing through reading and the sponsorship of friends, family members, and neighbors. Your child simply signs up online and pledges to read a certain number of pages. Then, the sponsors go on to the website and donate for each page that your child reads. Once your child reaches his or her goal, the money goes to a cause such as the MAHAK facility, which helps bring treatment and support to cancer stricken children in Iran and their families. Your child will then receive a completion certificate for his or her efforts. The Read-A-Thon program is a great way for your child to receive joy from helping others while also spending valuable time increasing reading skills.

If you prefer to help the children of Iran in a more specific way, you can opt in to our child sponsorship program. With just $165 a month or $2,000 a year, you can become a regular contributor of funding treatment for children with cancer at the MAHAK facility or contributing to cancer research.


Although it’s not a straightforward donation, the participation in our regular events is still a great way to donate to the International Society of Children with Cancer and to raise awareness for childhood cancer and the children of Iran who are in need of medical care. Our biggest fundraiser of the year is our annual gala, which takes place in the fall and draws in guests from all over the United States. The formal event includes special guest appearances, art displays, and entertainment, and is a much anticipated event.

We also have a Norooz Bazaar each spring to celebrate Persian New Year. This celebration is great for the whole family and offers plenty of activities for kids, including games and art projects. We also have a wide variety of authentic Middle Eastern food at our Norooz Bazaar and love making it just like the children of Iran might experience in their own country.

Other regular activities include our family festival, which offers sports, food, and other activities, and our holiday parties, conference appearances, and many more. We are always looking for ways to engage our community and raise awareness for childhood cancer. Please check our website often for information about upcoming events that you could participate in. We would love to meet our supporters and our events also give you a chance to have a fun time with your family while engaging with other members of the community, all while raising money for a very important cause.

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