Celebrities Who Donate to Cancer

Cancer research, awareness, and many forms of treatment rely on the generous donations of thoughtful individuals around the world. Regardless of income, race, health, or other factors, anyone can contribute to curing cancer by giving what they are able, even if it doesn’t seem like much.

However, there are those that are financially able to give more than the average individual, and do. Plenty of celebrities choose to give of their time, efforts, and image in order to support various types of charities. In fact, many celebrities use their own personal experiences to start their own charities.

For example, Livestrong was founded by Lance Armstrong following the champion cyclist’s fight against testicular cancer. Similarly, Christina Applegate established Right Action for Women to advocate for early detection after her own mastectomy – a precautionary procedure she chose as the daughter of a breast cancer survivor. Other supporters of breast cancer awareness include Elizabeth Hurley, Taylor Swift, Kate Moss, Cynthia Nixon, and Sheryl Crow. Many of these celebrities have either experienced a breast cancer diagnosis themselves, or have loved ones who have suffered from the disease.

Other prominent cancer charities that receive donations from celebrities include:

  • Stand Up To Cancer – A campaign of the Entertainment Industry Foundation, Stand Up To Cancer raises money for cancer research. The organization has received donations from hundreds of prominent names, including Adam Sandler, Alicia Keys, Alyson Hannigan, Ashton Kutcher, Ben Stiller, Bradley Cooper, Chris Brown, Cindy Crawford, Jon Hamm, Steve Carell, Terrell Owens, Will Ferrell, Will Smith, Zac Efron, and more.
  • Make-A-Wish – While not exclusively a cancer charity, Make-A-Wish provides unique wishes for children who are sick with diseases that negatively impact their lives, including those with different types of cancers. Donors include Alan Thicke, Juliette Lewis, Justin Bieber, Jude Law, Kevin Jonas, Larry David, Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan, Miley Cyrus, John Elway, Trisha Yearwood, and Warren Buffett, among many others.
  • Starlight Children’s Foundation – This charity focuses on taking the minds of terminally ill children off of their illness. Its donors include Alicia Silverstone, Marlee Matlin, Nicole Kidman, Ben Stiller, Queen Latifah, Teri Hatcher, Toby Keith, and Kate Middleton.
  • American Cancer Society – This is a major community health organization with tons of programs and services. Its operations are made possible by donations from individuals like Neil Patrick Harris, Reese Witherspoon, Brooke Shields, Ann Curry, Gwenyth Paltrow, Wanda Sykes, William Shatner, and Wolfgang Puck.

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