Mrs. Saideh Ghods

Iranian born, philanthropist and writer of Kimia Khatoon has been working to improve the access and standards of cancer treatment in Iran after having a child with cancer. After years of working with others to establish MAHAK she is receiving worldwide recognition and support to move forward with the work that began 18 years ago.

Her inspiration for establishing MAHAK was her own darling two year old daughter's affliction with this dreaded disease. The shortcomings she witnessed and the difficulties she experienced during the course of her daughter's treatment, along with seeing first hand the suffering of other parents who were even more desperate than her were very disturbing to her.

She was deeply moved by the pain and distress experienced by the disadvantaged during this experience. To quote her words she says: "I felt ashamed of my own restlessness when I saw the agony of the needy."

Mrs. Ghods was greatly affected by all of this and out of love wanted to do something so that these people didn't find themselves alone when faced with such agony. She made a pact with God that if her daughter was cured she would do anything she can to help these needy families and their children.

Happily, Mrs. Ghods' daughter completely recovered and today she is a bright young lady pursuing her studies at UC Berkeley. Mrs. Ghods followed up with her pledge and with the help of some wonderful friends and family who came to share her love and compassion for their fellow human beings started MAHAK to help indigent children suffering from cancer and their families. As a result, MAHAK, Society to Support Children Suffering from Cancer was registered in Iran in 1991 as a non-profit, non-governmental organization and it continues its work 16 years later solely with the help of charitable people. It was built on and for love and it thrives on hope.

At the start of its activities her small group met in a basement room but today with the persistence of Mrs. Ghods and the help of its supporters and volunteers MAHAK has grown into a respected, transparent, internationally recognized entity operating a hospital of its own. MAHAK is truly a dream that came true.

In addition to work done through MAHAK, Mrs. Ghods has gone on to help develop other NGOs such as ISCC, BCSI, and the GFI to promote Iran's cancer treatment as well as help the environment. Today she continues to travel throughout Iran and the world organizing, meeting, fund raising, and developing way to foster and grow these organizations.

As a writer Ms. Ghods was inspired to write a story based on her experiences. In 2006 she wrote the award winning book Kimia Khatoon that is being considered to become a feature film.

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