Mrs. Najmeh Moussavian

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Advisory Board

Najmeh Moussavian’s drive and determination brought her to the United States in 1985.

Her passion for science and engineering led to Najmeh earning a Bachelor of Science degree from San Diego State University. While at SDSU, Najmeh’s outstanding scholastic accomplishments led her to accept an offer from Teledyne Ryan Aeronautical.

Najmeh had a lucrative career in aerospace technology while at Teledyne Ryan Aeronautical but wanted to fulfill another role, as housewife and mother.

Najmeh’s passion for family finds her married 24 years to Amir Moussavian, a successful technology and software entrepreneur from San Diego, where they raise two children.

Parenthood has not held Najmeh from creatively applying her energy and talents. She is active in many fundraisers and community events and has sponsored charitable events for schools, children’s organization and community programs. While active in the community she still devotes time to also serve as advisor and consultant for many of her husband’s ventures.

Najmeh Moussavian has forged a strong and successful relationship in business and family.