Mrs. Maryam Famourzadeh

Maryam Famourzadeh is the VP of Business Development at SalextBio, a life sciences strategy and business development advisory firm based in San Diego. Prior to SalExt Bio, Maryam was the Team Leader and Senior Director of Pharmaceutical Sales at CeeTox Inc. where she structured the sales team and negotiated many sales, collaborations and alliances. She is the founder of Megagenex Biosciences and is the Founder of IALSN, a nonprofit life science company, where she served as the CEO from 2006-2015. With over twenty years of experience in Pre-Clinical CRO and biotech space, Maryam has held various positions in R&D and business Development at UCSD, Avanir Pharmaceuticals, and Megagenex. Maryam attended UCSD and holds a BSc in Biochemistry and Cell Biology and a Master in Business Administration.

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