Dr. Javad Karbassizadeh

Dr. Javad Karbassi-Zadeh PhD is a philanthropist that over the past twenty-five years has built more than forty schools in Khorasan, Baluchestan and Hormozgan for the blind and poor. He and his beloved wife, Afsaneh, became involved with MAHAK a non-profit organization for supporting needy children with cancer in 1998 after Afsaneh was diagnosed with cancer. The couple was extremely touched by the incredible work MAHAK was doing for the indigent children. The love of humanity was their motivation to donate MAHAK's hospital building and help build a specialized, state of the art hospital with the application of the latest scientific and medical techniques for the children suffering from cancer. MAHAK is the first non-governmental organization in the Middle East to gain the Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS) Verified Certificate of NGO Benchmarking. Unfortunately, Afsaneh died in 2000, however, her legacy still lives and MAHAK hospital is helping thousands of children.

Dr. Karbassi-Zadeh was born in Esphehan, Iran. Educated in Electrical Engineering, Dr. Karbassi-Zadeh received his PhD in Electrical Engineering from Grenoble University – France where he resided for thirty-eight years. He earned his first Masters Degree in Electro-technique from Tehran Polytechnic – Iran and second Masters Degree in Physics Electricity Degree from Grenoble University – France.

He was the CEO of Engineering Kamyari and Professor of Engineering at the University of Techniquom where he taught prior to moving to France. He is a member of Cultural Organization of Iran and Southern Khorasan, Board of Trustees and Board of Directors, Chair at MAHAK.

Dr. Karbassi-Zadeh has two daughters, one son and three grandchildren.

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