Dr. Firouz Naderi

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Advisory Board

Dr. Naderi is the director of Solar System Exploration at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Formerly he was NASA's Mars Program Manager.

Dr. Naderi is a Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and the recipient of a number of awards, including NASA’s Outstanding Leadership Medal, Space Technology Hall of Fame Medal, Ellis Island Medal of honor, and NASA’s highest award — the Distinguished Service Medal.

Dr. Naderi has always been very gracious in attending our Gala’s and has also been very complimentary to the organization as a whole. Most recently after the 10th anniversary gala he posted a very complimentary message on Facebook, where it ignited numerous positive conversations about the ISCC and the gala. In fact we received calls from supporters who had become familiar with ISCC through his message.

Dr Naderi is an honor for our community and we are fortunate to have him as part of the ISCC family.