International Cancer Society

ISCC, the prominent international cancer society based in Irvine, California, helps to raise significant funding to cure children with cancer, as well as well as directly support their immediate family in time of need. ISCC makes both monetary and other crucial resources available through its devoted staff and countless volunteers.

As an international cancer society, the ISCC is responsible for the lives and health of children all the way around the world. The non-profit organization has been able to provide the money for medical supplies in Iran for children that include blood platelet testing, pain management medication and CT scans.

Doctors at the MAHAK medical facility in Iran depend on these and other crucial funds to help support to children who have cancer from the international cancer society. While other resources are available locally in Iran, the ISCC both raises a significant sum of operating funding and raises critical awareness of the cause.

The MAHAK facility was founded by Mrs. Saideh Ghods, the mother of a young child diagnosed with cancer. Additionally, Mrs. Fereshteh Tavakoli assisted MAHAK with tasks like public relations, volunteer management, and fundraising. In 2004, these two mothers co-founded ISCC with the desire to expand their efforts and help children all over the world. Currently, in addition to Iran, the international cancer society has helped children and their families in countries such as Afghanistan, Cambodia, Egypt, Honduras, Bangladesh, Colombia, Kenya, Lebanon, Turkey, and in the organization’s headquarter country of the United States. ISCC helps to expand the number of countries that it helps over time, gradually helping to bring down the rate of children whose cancer diagnosis delivers a fatal end. The need to help is especially important in developing countries, where the children are impoverished and greatly need financial assistance.
international cancer society

At the MAHAK facility, children come to be treated with state-of-the-art equipment and new technologies in the fight against cancer. The center has CT Scan and MRI capabilities, in addition to centers for water therapy, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, radiology, and physiotherapy. Additionally, the laboratory at the facility is able to perform tests in the biochemical, hormonal, hematological, and microbiological fields. The advanced radiotherapy area is a section with especially high technology and features a linear accelerator and simulator. In order to make sure that children and their families are comfortable at the MAHAK facility, there is a shopping center, restaurant, library, amphitheater, and designated playroom. The specialized MAHAK facilities are made possible in part by donations received from ISCC, an International cancer society. The facility also has sections of its center named after additional generous givers who have donated to the cause.

Ways to Give

At ISCC, an international cancer society, we offer plenty of ways for individuals to help donate either their time and efforts or their money in order to provide treatment for childen with cancer and progress cancer research. Our donation options include partcipation in the Piggy Bank (Ghollak) drive, the Read-a-Thon program, and a yearly or monthly sponsorhip program. We also have several events each year that require the help of dedicated volunteers.

Our Piggy Bank Drive is an easy way to contribute to our international cancer society. You can pick up a piggy bank at our Irvine office or at any of our annual events throughout the year, like our Norooz Bazaar or our family festival. Take the piggy bank and place it in your home or at your business, place of worship, or at your child’s school. Once the piggy bank is full with loose change, you can bring it back to one of our events or drop it off at our office. The loose change that you collected will add up to being a considerable donation toward children with cancer who need medical care. As a bonus, it is a great way to show your children and others that every little bit counts.

Another way to donate and involve your children in the process is to encourage her to sign up for the Read-A-Thon program. The Read-A-Thon program allows your child to sign up online and pledge to read a certain amount of pages. Your child’s neighbors and family members can then go online and pledge to donate a certain amount for each page that is read. At the end of the program, your child will receive a certificate of completion and will have benefited in two ways – he will have been able to donate to our international cancer society and contribute to medical care for sick children, and he will have been able to develop important reading skills.

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International Cancer Society
International Cancer SocietyInternational Cancer Society
International Cancer Society