Cure Kids’ Cancer

ISCC, the kids cancer charity that operates out of Irvine in southern California, has helped to offset important treatment and living costs for thousands of children in need, as well as their families. The International Society for Children with Cancer hopes that you too can give to these wonderful children in need.

Most of the funding to cure kids of cancer is utilized at the world-famous MAHAK medical facility in the modern capital of Tehran, Iran. There, children are treated for a wide variety of cancers that range from leukemia to brain cancer. Many of the nation’s leading doctors and medical researchers lead the quest to eradicate child cancer.

On this mission to cure kids of cancer, these doctors and top cancer researchers are faced with many challenges during the course of their day and over the long term. While cancer rates in children have dropped in recent decades, there are still tough types of cancer to beat. These often require lengthy and expensive studies with the potential extended development.


The most common types of cancer affecting children include leukemia, brain tumors, and neuroblastoma. Cancer is found in children as young as infancy and extends all the way through adolescence, making the required research complex and delicate. Children can also suffer from rare cancers, like melanomas and cancers that are unique to children only, such as melanotic neuroectodermal tumors. Dedicating research to rare cancer instances presents even more challenges when it comes trying to cure kids’ cancer. Although survival rates are rising with increased research and treatment advances, the problem is far from over. In fact, children in disadvantaged areas, such as those in countries like Kenya, Turkey, Lebanon, and Iraq, need help more than ever when it comes to getting treatment and care support. ISCC seeks to help cure kids' cancer by raising funds for children in these areas and their families.

How Can I Help?

The International Society for Children with Cancer, a cure kids' cancer charity, has designated several ways that you and your family can donate to efforts to cure kids’ cancer. Among these options are our Read-a-Thon program, sponsorship program, and Piggy Bank (Ghollak) Drive.

cure kids cancer

Read-a-Thon Program

To take part in our Read-a-Thon program, your child (with your help, if necessary) simply needs to visit our website and sign up via the link on our Read-a-Thon page. Once he or she registers and sets a goal of how many pages are planned to be read, your child can begin asking friends and family members to sponsor the efforts. You can ask your co-workers and friends to support the effort as well. Your child’s sponsors can visit the designated Read-a-Thon progress page and make pledges while your child tracks his or her reading. Once the goal is reached, your child will receive a certificate of completion to keep.


For just $165 a month, or $2,000 a year, you can pledge to become a regular sponsor. This option is great for those who are short on time throughout the year but still want to be a regular contributor for helping to cure kids’ cancer.

Piggy Bank Drive

Much like our Read-A-Thon program, the Piggy Bank Drive is a great way to involve your child in donating to help cure kids cancer. We encourage you to pick up a piggy bank at any one of our regular family events or at our office in Irvine. These piggy banks can be placed in your home or at your place of business – or anywhere else that you have permission and think that it would be noticed. Once it’s full, you can return it to our office or to an ISCC event. The Piggy Bank Drive is a good way to show your child (and even the other adults in your life) that every cent counts and can go toward a child in need to make a difference.


We love when our supporters come to our regular events because it is a good way to bring our community together for a great cause. Our events include the annual gala, which is a formal event that takes place each fall and involves entertainment and artwork. We also have a Norooz Bazaar celebration each spring to honor the Persian New Year. This event is great for the whole family and involves authentic Middle Eastern food, games, and projects for kids. Our other events include holiday parties, conferences, and family festivals. Please check our website for more information about our events and parties so that you can join us and our cure kids' cancer charity.

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