Children Cancer Society

The charitable children cancer society, ISCC, has made many strides in cancer fundraising in recent years, from their highly anticipated annual Norooz celebration to their formal ballroom “Angels of MAHAK,” hosted by popular radio host Sharzad Ardalan and movie actor Houshang Touzie. These and many other seasonal fundraising events have saved thousands of children with cancer annually.

Throughout the year, the children cancer society has been making it easy for donors to spend just a little all year long. They’re offering their $1-dollar-a-day program that allows donors to become ISCC members by paying monthly or annually. This consistent support provides everything from CT scans to crucial pain management medication for child patients.

This children cancer society has set up several methods for donors to make their contributions count on a regular basis. Donors may make payment by check, credit card or cash both in-person at designated fundraising events or by stopping by the Irvine based facility. Of course, all donors can contribute online as well.

Contributing to ISCC is also made easy with the Piggy Bank (Ghollak) Drive, where individuals can contribute heartfelt donations while involving the rest of the family and even teaching the concept of charity to children. Pick up an ISCC piggy bank from one of the charity’s many events or at the headquarters located in Irvine, California. You can place the piggy bank in your home and encourage the rest of the family to contribute regularly – even loose change adds up quickly to help a child in need. Business owners can also display a piggy bank for the children cancer society, and adults and children alike can start a piggy bank drive at school or place of worship. At ISCC, we encourage you to see how your small contributions can make a significant difference for a child sick with cancer.
children cancer society

Another great choice for your children to participate in donating to the children cancer society is through the Read-a-Thon project. To start, all you have to do is help your child complete a registration online that can be found right on our website. Following the registration, your child will choose a reading goal and obtain sponsorships from friends, family members, or other community members. The sponsors will be able to visit your child’s Read-a-Thon page to contribute a set amount for each page that your child reads. Your child will track the pages that he or she completes, and will receive a special certificate after reaching his or her goal. The ISCC Read-a-Thon program also helps your child develop important reading and goal setting skills all while demonstrating how small amounts can add up to really helping others in need.

For a more direct donation options that don’t take up as much time, children cancer society ISCC offers a child sponsorship program. For the cost of $165 a month, or $2,000 for the entire year, you can sit back and rest assured knowing that your donation is going directly toward a child in need of cancer treatment.


A fun way to raise awareness for childhood cancer while also contributing to our children cancer society is to participate in one of our regular or seasonal events. Our biggest fundraiser is consistently our annual gala, which takes place in the fall and is a formal event that draws in supporters from all over the United States. Although the gala varies from year to year, in past years it has included artwork displays, music entertainers, and other special guests.

Every spring, we have a Norooz Bazaar to celebrate Persian New Year. This event is fun for the whole family and involves authentic Middle Eastern dishes, projects and games for the kids, and more. We also have a family festival each year with games and food, and other events such as holiday parties and conference appearances. All of our events have been a great success and are made possible by our volunteers and our wonderful supporters.

We encourage you to check our website regularly for new donation ideas or information about upcoming events. We are always looking for ways to interact with the community and bring our supporters together for a great cause. And if you are local to southern California, you can stop in at our Irvine office to say hello or to drop off a donation directly.

Remember that your donations go right to helping a child in need receive medical treatment for cancer, and to helping family members in need during the challenging treatment time as well.

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