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The non-profit International Society for Children with Cancer is a key child foundation, based in Irvine, California, which organizes special charity events that help to raise vital funding for children who have cancer. It also supports the many families that are in need during the cancer treatment of their children.

As a vital child foundation, the ISCC has a huge responsibility to children with cancer and their families. The non-profit organization has been the backbone of American fund raising for the Iranian based

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Mahak medical center, which both treats children with cancer and conducts some of the most advanced cancer research in the world.

The ISCC is one of the most recognized of child foundations in the greater southwest United States in operation today. Many supporters from near and far understand the dire needs of Iranian child cancer victims. Both the tireless ISCC staff and top donors regularly collaborate to drive funds to the Mahak medical center, where these children can be treated with great care.


Ways to Donate

helping children with cancer 300x200 - Child FoundationThere are several ways to support children with cancer through the ISCC child foundation. One of the easiest options involves the Piggy Bank (Ghollak) Drive. By obtaining a designated piggy bank from the ISCC office in Irvine – or at one of the organization’s charity events – you can collect loose change by placing the piggy bank in your home, office, workplace, or place of worship. If you have children, encouraging them to add change to the family piggy bank will teach the philanthropic reward that comes from helping others, especially other children. Children are also able to see the effect that small amounts of money can have over time when it comes to giving for others. Additionally, you can join with others in your community and hold a piggy bank drive at your child’s school or at your place of business or worship.

The International Society for Children with Cancer offers a unique way for children to directly help the research and treatment of childhood cancers rather than leaving the burden of contributing only on adults. The Read-A-Thon program at ISCC, a child foundation, allows your child to set a goal for themselves and then ask friends, neighbors, and family members to sponsor them once they have reached their registered goal. All of the money made from sponsors goes toward the research of childhood cancer and the advancement of important studies. The program is both educational and philanthropic, giving one child the chance to help another while still having an enjoyable time reading and learning lessons from books. It’s a valuable lesson in both charitable and learning opportunities.

If you prefer to make your donations directly and on a more regular basis, child foundation ISCC offers a regular sponsorship program. For $165 a month or just $2,000 for an entire year, you can pledge to make regular and consistent donations that will go toward helping a child in need receive cancer treatment. Your donations will also be used to further cancer research.


Our regular events are a great way to contribute to the International Society for Children with Cancer, and we would love for you to join us! You have your choice of several fun events and we are sure you will find one that sounds like a good time. We have a family festival each year that includes games, food, and fun outdoor activities for everyone. We also have a celebration to celebrate Persian New Year each year called the Norooz Bazaar. This takes place every spring and involves authentic Middle Eastern food, projects for kids, and games.

We have events that are more for the adults as well. Our annual gala is a formal event and takes place every fall. It is our biggest fundraiser and supporters come from all over the United States in order to attend. In the past, our annual gala has included art displays, vocal entertainers, and special appearances by Middle Eastern celebrities.

Our other events include holiday activities, conference appearances, and more. We are always finding ways to engage with the community and encourage you to check our website regularly for information about upcoming events. They truly are a great way to have a great time with other members of the community while raising awareness for childhood cancer and contributing a great deal to our child foundation.

Any way that you can donate to the International Society for Children with Cancer is appreciated. Remember, your donations and efforts make it possible for children to receive medical treatment and for families to be supported during such a hard time.