Cancer Children Charity

Cancer, children, charity. Those three words help to sum up exactly what the International Society for Children with Cancer supports and does on a daily basis at their headquarters in Irvine, California. ISCC puts children first in their quest to vanquish cancer through charitable donations they raise all year long.

We’ll say it again: Cancer, children, charity. It is always time to cure kids with cancer and the ISCC knows just how to gain charity funding to support all of the diverse medical needs of its kids in Iran. There, children in need benefit directly through intensive recuperative treatments offered at MAHAK, a top medical facility.

Today, the three parts to the equation of cancer, children, charity are changing. While charity increases by means of substantial donations to the ISCC, children’s lives are being saved and improved greatly. This trend helps to substantially diminish the cancer part of the equation, making kids and their families very happy.

Donation Methods

There are several ways to donate to ISCC. Every dollar counts and is put to use helping a child get much-needed medical care that might not have been accessible otherwise. The children cancer charity ISCC strives to offer a variety of ways to donate in order to make charitable actions easy.

One of the simplest ways to donate is to pick up a piggy bank from the charity’s Irvine office in order to participate in the Piggy Bank (Ghollak) Drive. You can also get a piggy bank from one of the many events that the charity puts on each year. Once you have the piggy bank, simply place it in your home, workplace, or place of worship. You can also encourage your child to take the piggy bank to school and encourage his or her peers to contribute. ISCC strongly believes that every cent counts toward fighting cancer in children.

Another of the donation options through ISCC is directly focused on children and the ways that they can help while learning the importance of philanthropic efforts. As a children cancer charity, the ISCC has a special focus on helping all children – and the Read-A-Thon program provides a chance for children to learn valuable reading skills, immerse themselves in good stories, and experience what it is like to be able to make a contribution to an important cause. To participate, your child simply needs to sign up online and set a reading goal. Parents, friends, family members, neighbors, and other individuals can visit the webpage to pledge a donation based on the number of pages your child reads. Once he or she has reached the goal, the donated money will be put toward advancing cancer treatment and research.

As part of our goal to make donations simple, our cancer children charity also offers child sponsorship at a rate of $165 a month or $2,000 a year. This provides a way to directly give to a child in need of cancer treatment or even contribute to progressing cancer research efforts.


You can also support the International Society for Children with Cancer by attending our special events. Our most popular fundraiser is our annual gala – a formal event held each fall that draws guests from all over the country for a night with special entertainment. For example, the 2013 gala was held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Irvine and drew hundreds of supporters to raise money for nearly 200 suffering children and their families. The night’s entertainment included an award-winning composer, a talented singer, and a full orchestra. Other past galas have also included artwork displays.

Events that are more tailored to families with children include the family festival, which offers food and games, and the Norooz Bazaar. The Norooz Bazaar is an event that celebrates the Persian New Year each spring. Kids can paint eggs and participate in other games and projects, and the food is served up in authentic Middle Eastern style with Middle Eastern entertainment. Our other events held all during the year include brunches, holiday parties, and more.

However you choose to support the International Society for Children with Cancer is much appreciated. Remember that by donating, fundraising, or attending events, you are helping our cancer children charity bring awareness to the tragedy of childhood cancer. You are also helping children get access to lifesaving medical care and treatment, and helping to support their families and keep them comfortable during such a rough time. Please check back often for upcoming events and information about ways that you can help.

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